Ashley Anderson


ashleyanderson echoed Episode 1: At A Loss For WordsAug 13th

I’ve been smiling and giggling throughout this entire episode. What a treat!

Episode 1: At A Loss For Words

Love Me

ashleyanderson echoed Alpha Gal Aug 6th

Such a fun puzzle!

Alpha Gal


ashleyanderson echoed Playing God Aug 6th

Really enjoyed this episode on medical ethics. Makes you think really hard. If you like this episode, check out the TV show, The Good Place.

Playing God


ashleyanderson echoed Update: 23 Weeks 6 Days Aug 6th

One of the few episodes of anything that’s made me cry. Ugly tears. On the freeway.

Update: 23 Weeks 6 Days


ashleyanderson echoed Birthstory Aug 6th

Super fascinating issue and well-told story.



ashleyanderson echoed The Living Room Aug 6th

So intense. But sooooo good.

The Living Room


ashleyanderson echoed The Fifth Vital SignAug 6th

I absolutely loved this episode. Have shared it with so many people. Really enjoyed the twist at the end, too.

The Fifth Vital Sign


ashleyanderson echoed 90. A Childless Man Makes Edible PlacentaAug 6th

Jury is still out on whether I will do this someday. But thought this episode was delightful!

90. A Childless Man Makes Edible Placenta

The Longest Shortest Time

ashleyanderson echoed 71. A Childless Man Gets a C-SectionAug 6th

Absolutely loved this episode. Helped me understand my mom’s birth experience!

71. A Childless Man Gets a C-Section

The Longest Shortest Time