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  • hsfargis recommended:May 19th

    I love puzzles. I don’t meant cardboard picture puzzles. I mean mental puzzles. Listening to historian Jill Lepore sort through the case files, newspaper articles, and more about the murder of this poor woman over 100 years ago was amazing and rather like watching a pro put a puzzle together. And no...Show More

    I thought this episode was:

    💔 Heart-breaking
    💡 Educational
    🤔 Thought-provoking

    The Clue of the Blue Bottle

    by The Last Archive

  • maven recommended:Apr 26th

    An excellent interview with international lawyer and author Philippe Sands about his book The Ratline, related to and following up on last year's excellent podcast Intrigue: The Ratline

    A Nazi mystery

    by History Extra podcast

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