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Get ready to walk off the beaten tracks and immerse yourself in true crime stories from missing person cases, unsolved mysteries, to corporate corruption and tales of grisly murders. These best true crime podcasts encompass narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and commentary shows. Recount high-profile, sensationalized crimes such as the JonBenét Ramsey killing, the O.J. Simpson murder case, Ted Bundy’s serial murders, and to more obscure hometown slayings. Hold your breath and prepare to investigate the darkest corners of history with podcasts like Serial, Casefile, Dr Death, and My Favourite Murder.

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  • phocks recommended:Jun 3rd

    Starting this. Learning. Figuring out what can be done that is effective in moving forward.

    I thought this episode was:

    💡 Educational
    🧐 Intriguing
    🤔 Thought-provoking
    👍 Well-produced

    Ep 1: The Night Of

    by 16 Shots

  • michelle_ebooks recommended:Apr 21st

    about the satanic (cult) panic during the 80's. never knew about this before this gimlet show conviction, season 2! love series like this because i get to learn about a cultural period of history through personal narratives. it follows john quinney who, as a 9 year old, accused his father of being ...Show More

    Episode 1: Meet the Quinneys (Season 2)

    by Conviction

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