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  • jnk recommended:Mar 14th

    You know what makes this podcast such a pleasure to listen to? It is such a joy to listen to people who enjoy working together talking about what they built together. So many podcasts are about endeavors gone wrong, and it was such a pleasure to listen to one where stars aligned and the people invol...Show More

    1.01: Pilot

    by The West Wing Weekly

  • mm recommended:Feb 27th

    Ever wondered about the origins tabloid paper, National Enquirer, and how it got so prolific in public discourse and our psyche? Terrific interview with Mark Landsman, the film maker of ‘Scandalous’, a documentary about National Enquirer. So many interesting tidbits about how demographics, distrib...Show More

    02 - Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer

    by Hollywood Unscripted

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