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#100: The 4 Most Important Sales Skills

The Sunny Show

aliceko recommended:

Good short and sweet episode about improving your sales skills - because the truth is: we are always selling - sales is a part of life. You're either selling yourself, your product, your company... Great tips re: listening, tenacity, boundaries, saying no, and charging based on value.

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Machine Learning with Kevin Scott

Empower Apps

pwitham recommended:

I appreciate the explanation of what ML is and how to use it in this episode, I think people often think AI and ML are the same things so it was nice to have the differences pointed out early on.

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554: The "Jobs to be Done" Theory of Innovation

HBR IdeaCast

danny recommended:

Great framework to think about what features you should built and prioritize for your product / app.

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How to turn customer conversations into a profitable product - with Rob Fitzpatrick, author of 'The Mom Test'

Sales For Founders

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Writers Writing, Readers Reading, Creators Creating

a16z Podcast

mm recommended:

Subscription newsletter tools like Substack and Revue are all the rage nowadays. Its founder argues that because it’s based on a paid audience subscription model, it allows creators put out great quality work that they want to do because their fighting for audience trust vs eyeballs. That in turn is more fulfilling for the writers and their audience leading to higher quality content that’s not motivated by number of ad impressions that’s based on volume. I have so many thoughts on this that I’m thinking through. Like with everything, there are complexities and nuances. If the world became Substack and Revue-driven, would that be a better or worse world for consumers, journalists, and citizens? What impacts would it have on equity for writers and readers on money and access to information and audience? Lots to think about.

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Listeners Recommended Podcasts

The Communicate Influence Podcast

outdoorsblue recommended:

What podcast will I listen to next? We all ask this question a lot these things. I talked to almost a dozen of my show's listeners and got some fantastic recommendations, covering health, comedy, marketing, and writing. Have a listen, and I'd love some feedback. I'm also looking for participants in my next recommended episode, coming out in the summer. Feedback always welcome.

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aliceko recommended:Jan 28th

As someone who started her career in the Big 4, this episode about the downfall of the advertising agency and the rise of the consultancies (Accenture, Deloitte, PwC) taking on strategic marketing work during the tech era THRILLED me. Really fascinating exploration  - I plan on sharing this with o...Show More

Meet The Consultants

The Coup

Business Management & Marketing

mm recommended:Dec 24th, 2019

Snackpass is the new hot social food app on college campuses. It's like Ritual for students x Venmo with the distribution strategy of Tinder x Facebook. Love their fun and unique campaign and product ideas that makes the app fun and delightful.

How to Nail Your Value Proposition, with Kevin Tan of Snackpass

Inc. Founders Project with Alexa von Tobel

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