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How We Podcast

a16z Podcast


It just tells everything we want to say for ourselves and teaches anything else that we need know to make more progress. Thought provoking and exciting. A killing episode.

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Brand Building Ideas… and People

a16z Podcast


Another great behind-the-scenes look at the building of the brand a16z and the Outcast PR mafia of SV.

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Ep 6 - Peloton’s 2019 Holiday Ad

Terrible Ads


As a fitness junkie, I became a wee bit obsessed with Peloton when I first learned about their product - a quiet spin bike with live classes in your own home at a ridiculous price tag (worth 3 years of a regular gym membership lol)? Sounded too good to be true and I knew I would never achieve Peloton status. I did however attend one of their live recorded classes in NYC (much more affordable) and witnessed the influence of their cult instructors. The analysis of the holiday ad starts at ~ 10 minute mark. Soul Cycle must be LAUGHING right now. I feel bad for the actors (but hey, it's bringing them more fame right?) but I think the real winner out of this controversy is Ryan Reynolds and his quick rebuttal. Clever AF, strategic, and now everybody loves Ryan even more, while Peloton's stock price continues to drop. The backlash isn't surprising to me at all - the price of a pure Peloton already creates class divide. I truly hope they will become less tone deaf in the future. Adding this to my fitness brands playlist:

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Episode 29: David Marquet – Turn The Ship Around

Bregman Leadership Podcast

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A Different Beast: How TikTok’s Changing Social Media

Business Casual

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The Stories and Code of Culture Change

a16z Podcast


Great. Interesting prison story.

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Business Management & Marketing

aliceko echoed:Dec 3rd

Great story about the launch of a16z through its PR strategy (before they even launched), brand building, thought leadership, and more. Love the pace of this podcast series. Quick yet not toooo fast, witty, interesting conversation, jam-packed with valuable info. Added to this my "marketing strategi...Show More

Brand Building Ideas… and People

a16z Podcast

Business Management & Marketing

jspinelle echoed:Nov 26th

This is a great perspective on freelancing, full-time jobs and side hustles. It’s ok to move back and forth between them! Often that is not the way these relationships are framed. It’s usually about leaving a full-time job behind to go freelance.

Why I’m Not Freelancing Full Time Anymore

Advanced Freelancing

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