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rosaguac recommended:Dec 3rd, 2019

a good ass conversation that i've been thirsting for! why are online leftist spaces so unwelcoming and hard to tap into for WoC? wendi and her guest talk about how online leftist spaces are severely dominated by white men (think: bernie bros and chapo trap house bros) i'm always like, what oppre...Show More

Left POCket Project Podcast - Episode 4 - No Girls Allowed? A conversation w/@sansdn


aliceko recommended:Nov 12th, 2019

LOVED this episode. Listen if you think about becoming a specialist or generalist, or if you are contemplating what sports/extracurricular hobbies to put your kids in, or if you are interested in how masters become good at their craft (like golf stars, tennis stars) and whether Malcolm Gladwell’s 10...Show More

RANGE: Why Generalists Succeed in a Specialists’ World

The Next Big Idea

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