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Podcast cover art of Kerning Cultures | Middle East

In Case of Death

Kerning Cultures | Middle East

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michelle_ebooks recommended:

kerning cultures has a great episode on amazing volunteers in UAE who help families repatriate bodies of foreigners to different countries after death in UAE. i enjoy hearing perspectives of people dealing with death because it's something we'll all deal with eventually. i don't remember when my fascination with death started but i think it has to do with wanting to learn the lessons and advice of tragedy before a tragedy happens, to be equipped in the event something does happen. even though suffering is inevitable, denial and ignorance definitely doesn't help, so i am here for all the (dealing with) death stories!!

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Leaving the Westboro Baptist Church


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mpr recommended:

Always intriguing to hear how people extricate themselves from the grasp of control.

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#1419 - Daryl Davis

The Joe Rogan Experience

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danny recommended:

Daryl Davis was on Joe Rogan! Multiple snippets of wisdom as well as Daryl's really cool deep voice.

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Podcast cover art of The Ezra Klein Show

A master class in organizing

The Ezra Klein Show

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mm recommended:

This woman is POWER!!! 💪💪💪 The goal of organizing is to WIN and once you win, change will happen if you do it strategically. Note: Most of this is about labour organizing and it’s from a pretty “white” perspective. Nevertheless, superb conversation.

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Podcast cover art of Chat 10 Looks 3

Ep: 131 Live from Newcastle

Chat 10 Looks 3

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mpr recommended:

Always fun and beyond interesting.

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Donors from beyond the grave

Future Perfect

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rmmiller364 recommended:

I learned so much from this podcast. It takes something that on the surface seems like a good thing (people leaving money in their wills to charity) and made it to much more complicated.

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In Case of Death

Kerning Cultures | Middle East

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