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#72: Jeremy Raper | Credit-Based Equity Investing | Japanese Stocks | Shinoken | Gan | Nio

The Intelligent Investing Podcast

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Do female CEOs get called out more often for creating a toxic work culture?

Marketplace All-in-One


Interesting conversation on whether females CEOs get called out more than male CEOs for toxic work cultures.

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#250 The Gospel of Bezos

Inc. Uncensored


You’ve probably heard of the “PayPal mafia” but have you heard of the “Amazon diaspora”? Fascinating how processes and culture from one company get dispersed by their diasporas to other companies they start. Does this mean we’re going to have less and less diversity of thought as employees of a handful of large co’s strike out on their own? 🤔 Would love to hear a deeper dive episode on the gospel of Bezos.

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SPI 248: The Art of Giving Gifts with John Ruhlin

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast


I was first introduced to the concept of strategic gift giving and John Ruhlin's book through @theunconventionalroute. I love this because even billionaires appreciate truly thoughtful gifts. Everybody could always feel more appreciated so Ruhlin essentially teaches people 'how to give gratitude'. Yes please. As someone who loves giving gifts to others, I was excited to learn that Ruhlin is a professional corporate gift giving consultant and helps leaders not suck at saying 'thank you' - b/c, let's be honest, a lot of people suck at saying thank you, particularly from a work context. Ruhlin explains strategic gift giving: do your homework, research, be a purple cow, read their books/profiles, etc. Also, really timing matters and do not forget their inner circle (e.g. assistants, spouses, etc). I'll remember the best gift I ever gave: WAY back in the day, one of the founders of Gilt unexpectedly helped me out with a job negotiation via email, so I did my research, learned what her favorite candle brand was, and had it delivered to her office via a delivery service in NYC. The worst experience? I had referred an acquaintance to what she called her 'dream job' and she asked me out for lunch. And then she didn't pay for my (non expensive) lunch even though she kept thanking me for referring her to her dream job. 🤷 @mm @serena @theunconventionalroute what were your best/worst gift experiences?

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danny echoed:Nov 16th

Damn! This was a stellar episode. They talked about Apple card's gender discrimination, cloud kitchens and the rise of food delivery apps + then Disney + launch.

Cloud Kitchens

Slate Money


mm echoed:Nov 13th

This is a fascinating conversation on what Daniel Ek is thinking on audio and podcasts for Spotify. The "jobs to be done" framework is very prominent in his framework of thinking of Spotify's strategy.

Daniel Ek – The Future of Audio - [Invest Like the Best, EP.147]

Invest Like the Best

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