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Oil Shock

The Indicator from Planet Money

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bigfoot_skeptic recommended:

Something crazy and historic happened today: "oil prices dropped about 25%, and the markets freaked out. They fell so much, so fast, it triggered a built-in trading stop. At the end of the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had seen its biggest one-day points drop ever and was down nearly 8%."

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To Catch a Fortune Cookie Thief

The World in Words

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epekilis recommended:

This podcast traces fortune cookies back to Japan. I’ve read numerous accounts elsewhere that trace the fortune cookie back to the Chinese American diaspora. This is the first time I’ve read about a Japanese heritage to this product.

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Finding Cleopatra


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epekilis recommended:

@rmmiller364 you may find this of interest. I am slowly working my way through your list on art history. This is an interesting story about an African American sculptress in the mid-1900s who found artistic freedom and license to follow her muse by moving to Rome. It’s not the first story I’ve heard of black Americans who were treated better in Europe than they were in their homeland, but on the other hand, I also hear so many podcasts about how the major European powers were also incredibly racist towards the people of their colonies. I wish the episode went a little deeper in tracing the statue’s journey from saloon to junkyard to shopping mall to Smithsonian.

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Tracking The Impact Of Coronavirus In Real Time

The Indicator from Planet Money

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mm recommended:

It takes awhile for official economic indicators to come in, so the hosts and their guest suggest some smart and more immediate alternatives like movie box office numbers and hotel occupancy rates.

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What's the What with Fish Fraud?

Stuff You Should Know

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epekilis recommended:

Part of the issue with fish is that the same fish may have very different local names in different parts of the country. But that doesn’t explain or excuse the vast scale of deliberate mislabelling to pass cheaper fish off as expensive fish that commands a higher price. An Oceana study took 1200 samples from restaurants across the US. Fully 33% of the samples were mislabelled; the figure was as high as 74% in sushi restaurants. Genuine yellowtail was simply not found; it was all mislabelled. Canada was called out as an offender in fish fraud. Oceana has an interactive map on their website that shows you issues in your community.

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Meet the Scrunchie Queen

Every Little Thing

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epekilis recommended:Feb 25th

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