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The End of Privacy as We Know It?

The Daily

olivier recommended:

I read a lot about online privacy everyday, but this episode was very interesting and important. The part about them running the journalist’s photo in their system was so creepy. Well worth a listen.

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The Woman Defending Harvey Weinstein

The Daily

molinos recommended:

What an interview!! My head just blown up I finished it screaming as I was driving home from work. Donna Runno, Weinstein´s personal lawyer, talks about Metoo and the women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault. Although I believe she is right in one thing at the beginning of the interview then she goes..... listen to it. You won't believe what you are hearing.

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Episode 99: The Cruel, Voyeuristic Quackery of Rehab TV Shows

Citations Needed

rosaguac recommended:

addiction and rehab are often presented as a dehumanizing form of entertainment in the media, with shows like dr.drew, often catering to viewership vs to the actual folks who are trying to recover. nima + adam do their citations needed deep dive into the the mechanics of rehab shows and how it fuels our wrong perceptions and stereotypes of ppl suffering from substance abuse / the rehab industry in general. (highly rec all their other episodes, so informative and educational!)

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Digging Into 'American Dirt'

Latino USA

michelle_ebooks recommended:

this is the only american dirt controversy content you need to hear to get the gist of the whole mess. you’ll hear the voices of those calling out the publishing industry & cummins herself 🤑. the whole time i’m just maria is such an amazing interviewer lol

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Liberté, Égalité and French Fries

Rough Translation

epekilis recommended:

Unexpectedly thought provoking episode. McDonalds is easy to hate on, particularly in terms of its contribution to the obesity epidemic. But it has a very complex relationship with the impoverished communities where it may be the only mainstream service provider. In some ways, McDonalds’ approach to community sustainability represents model corporate ethics and values.

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The Latest: What Happened in Iowa?

The Daily

mm recommended:


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mm recommended:Feb 17th

As someone who used to write for campus press, I enjoyed this episode about why campus press is important. The Ryerson student union executives were spending hundreds of thousands of student money on booze, food, and entertainment, and the campus press uncovered it. Though Ontario premier Doug For...Show More

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jctrevino recommended:Feb 17th

I’m happily married and so glad I don’t have to use dating apps. For those who do, this episode is an eye-opener of the risks that users, especially women, continue to have because apps that could check sex offender and criminal black lists don’t do so because it’s expensive. Once again, profits ove...Show More

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