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michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 5th

my favorite sheros and besties) alicia, co-founder of black lives matter + ai-jen poo, fearless leader of national domestic workers alliance) coming together to interview other great people! this one is especially special because ai-jen and alicia get personal :-)

How We Got Here: The Story of Alicia and Ai-jen

Sunstorm with Alicia Garza & Ai-jen Poo

Social Science

aliceko recommended:Feb 5th

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts about female empathy and trauma lately and this one ended up on my Apple search screen (I honestly don't even remember how) but I'm SO glad I listened to this. Why do so many men refuse to do yoga? Incredibly insightful analysis from two men who once blocked ...Show More

Why Men Refuse to Do Yoga

Man Up | Masculinity, Race, and Relationships in the Modern World

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