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waitwhat recommended:Mar 16th

Visit Rome with restaurant legend Danny Meyer, where a perfect plate of pasta opens his future before him.

How to find -- and feed -- your passion, by Danny Meyer

Meditative Story

waitwhat recommended:Mar 13th

Hello, fans of Oprah's #SuperSoulConversations! If you've ever wondered what it's like to talk to the one and only Oprah, here's a story from author A.J. Jacobs who turned a moment of stress on the Oprah Winfrey Show into an unexpected connection.

Acting as if you are bold, by A.J. Jacobs

Meditative Story

mm recommended:Mar 11th

Who were the people who *manually* calculated logs and trigonometry for warplane designs and getting astronauts into space and on the moon and safely back? Black and white women who were human calculators who used stick rulers. One of them was even responsible for checking the computers calculations...Show More

NASA's Human Computers

Historically Black

stephaniebayonne1 recommended:Mar 7th

Hilarious and so fun to listen to! What an awesome story.

#158 The Case of the Missing Hit

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molinos recommended:Feb 29th

I´m loving so much this miniseries Make me over of You must remember this. Every episode brings us an amazing Storie of how the beauty industry has been linked to cinema and actress from the beginning but this episode with the story of Merle Oberon has everything to make you keep listening unti the ...Show More

155: Passing for White: Merle Oberon (Make Me Over, Episode 4)

You Must Remember This

jctrevino recommended:Feb 29th

Another delicious episode for one’s ears and mind.

Episode 158: Life's Work

the memory palace

rosaguac recommended:Feb 25th

as someone who's enjoyed the historical chinatowns in both oakland and san francisco, i was always curious as to the relationship between both chinatowns in relatively close proximity. east bay yesterday goes into why that was, why one man, bruce quan (who was one of the earliest pioneers of the c...Show More

Long Lost Oakland, chapter 5: Overcoming racism, Lew Hing became king of Oakland’s canning industry

East Bay Yesterday

michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 25th

reveal investigates the jehovah’s witness religion’s secret documents of probably thousands of instances of child abuse within their congregations. which they refuse! to! share! 🥵 the catholic church’s serial child abusers issue is well known but the jehovah’s witness’ isn’t as reported. it is tru...Show More

Secrets of the Watchtower


kigord recommended:Feb 19th

Great podcast with quite perfect sound design

Chapter One: The Reporter


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 19th

What happens when the designer of a very extensive long-term project passes away in the middle of it? Do we have to stay true to that designer’s original intent?

281- La Sagrada Familia

99% Invisible

jctrevino recommended:Feb 12th

Wow. I can’t recall another podcast episode ever that pulled at my heart strings as much as this one. And yes, a few years were shed.

The honor walk


aliceko recommended:Feb 15th

The secret story of Ann Lowe, in fact, the very FIRST black person to become a sought-after fashion designer. My heart broke when I heard what Jackie O said. I wonder how different Ann's life would have been had she been given proper credit. Somebody needs to make a movie about Ann asap.

Episode 157: The House of Lowe

the memory palace

podcastplaylist recommended:Feb 6th

"If you're up with your political history, you probably remember the Watergate scandal that took place in the early 1970s during the Nixon administration. What many people don't know is at the same time, another scandal was taking place inside the White House, around Vice President Spiro Agnew. The...Show More

1 - Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret

Bag Man

haiko recommended:Feb 2nd

This episode is so important. Most of our world has been designed with men and cishet male bodies as the default, at best making life for women more uncomfortable (office air conditioning), and at worst killing them (misdiagnosis of heart attacks, car seat belts).

363- Invisible Women

99% Invisible

jnkay recommended:Feb 1st

For anyone who's ever thought, "I could write a book on (insert topic of interest here)," this is an eye-opening conversation. Do you want to live with your subject for a couple years? What if you don't like your subject after all?

Bonus | How to Write This Book

The Queen

daviswaldeniv recommended:Jan 29th

This show is just a gift

01. Once Upon a Time

The Two Princes

jakburnsides recommended:Jan 28th

A friend recommended this series to me. Previous to it my exposure to podcasts had been fictional stories presented as if real and at first I thought this was the same - it's that wild a story. When my friend told me a couple episodes in, that "no no it's real. This is a real person, a real story," ...Show More

Chapter I


rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 27th

This is a great episode about both an amazing and really humorous art controversy that happened recently. It explores interesting questions like “who owns a color?” It also features artists being very cheeky towards each other. When you listen to it, definitely google “vantablack.” It’s really freak...Show More

386- Their Dark Materials

99% Invisible

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 26th

This episode is heartbreaking. We tell young men from lower income backgrounds that football is the only way they can get a college education and then the sport damages their brains. I’m glad there is so much good reporting bringing these stories to light.

Lasting Impact (rebroadcast)


layne recommended:Jan 24th

Thought provoking and involves many of the problems of 21st century USA.

The Raid (Agriprocessors)


rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 22nd

Such a fun episode! Warning: you will get Baby Shark stuck in your head if you listen to this one.

Baby Shark

Decoder Ring

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 16th

Just a beautiful love story (with a complicated legal aspect)

Episode 5: A Private Life

This is Love

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 14th

Probably my favorite episode of Ear Hustle thus far. These stories of love and hope are beautiful and humanizing. I also had no idea that the Notebook was o popular in prisons!

I Want the Fairy Tale

Ear Hustle

ddtbagbabe recommended:Jan 14th

This is a really sad story, a small town, a woman whom everyone loved, and a murder at the drive in...with her children there :(...so so sad

Betty Stotts

The First Degree

samantha recommended:Jan 13th

Amazing story. Twists and turns throughout, and beautifully told. The end will blow your mind.

Chapter I