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50% Different


michelle_ebooks recommended:

wow. this is true crime but bizarre because there really isn’t much precedent this crime/ extremely unethical breach and abuse of power. sick is an investigative podcast about a fertility doctor in indianapolis who uses HIS OWN sperm to impregnate his patients. but no one knew until the rise of 23&me and similar products that lead to those to figure out they have far more half siblings than expected. then leading to the investigation of this medical injustice that isn’t technically illegal??

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The Boy Band Bummer with Teresa Lee

Scam Goddess

aliceko recommended:

Remember the boybands of the 90s? Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Otown, LFO, etc - this is the episode behind the facade and the scammer man behind them all: Lou Pearlman. Another absolutely hilarious episode between two witty female WOC comedians. I was laughing throughout the entire episode. Very sad what happened to the boys but I'm glad they all escaped this scammer. Sex and the city was a scam! Why don't boy bands need to dance now?? Worth checking out the Lou Pearlman documentary too as it's available for free now on YouTube. Laci seriously deserves an award for this podcast. @mm thank you for introducing me to this!

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Side Stories: Nerd Army

Last Podcast On The Left

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The Ragged Stranger: A Chat with Harold Schechter

Last Podcast On The Left

ddtbagbabe recommended:

if you have listened to any of the heavy hitter episodes you will know Marcus Parks invests a lot of his research time into Harold Schecter. this is a really cool conversation with Harold about his most recent book, and a discussion of today's coverage of tabloid media.

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Episode 132: Herrin Massacre


yveehops recommended:

OMG. Crazy episode. “Are unions above God”; an episode in which union minors slaughter 23 minors who broke the strike.

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William Bradford

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

gasstationb recommended:

Didn’t love it, but it was the first episode, and I’m definitely interested in some of the cases they cover later, so I’ll give it a shot....

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julie recommended:Jan 25th

Fascinating mystery!

1. The Isdal Woman

Death in Ice Valley

True Crime

drcongo recommended:Jan 22nd

Brilliant story telling, you’ll definitely binge listen and then be absolutely gutted when you catch up and have to wait for the next episode.

The Witness | 1

The Sneak

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