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pwitham recommended:Feb 22nd

This episode poses an interesting and scary question. What if you couldn’t do that creative thing you enjoy anymore for some unavoidable reason? Maybe we all need to stop and think about this, face the big question of loosing that outlet and find our own answer.

HT0354 - Leaning Toward Minimalism

LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process

pwitham recommended:Jan 18th

I think Brookes gets it right again, all the planning and future proofing time spent might be better spent as he says ‘for the here and now’ audience.

HT0318 - The Same Postponement

LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process

mm recommended:Jan 6th

If Hitler wasn't rejected from art school, would WWII and the Holocaust have happened? Oh boy, I wonder what the admissions people thought to themselves when Hitler became Hitler. Terrific episode.

Episode #22: Hitler the (Failed) Artist (Season 2, Episode 2)

ArtCurious Podcast

harwood recommended:Sep 23rd, 2019

An absorbing look at the use of cosmetics and fashion through historical figures such as Elizabeth I (covering her face in lead and mercury!) which serves as a thought-provoking path to today's attitudes to beauty and appearance.

Beauty and Power in Art ft. Jon Sleigh – Episode 41

Art Matters