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Nicole Gibbons: Clare Founder and Interior Designer

Second Life

aliceko recommended:

My new girl crush. Listening to this interview with Nicole Gibbons will make you feel lazy and you're not doing enough, lol. Nicole worked hard to turn her career in PR to a sought-after interior design expert and now founder of the first ever DTC paint brand, Clare. Lots of great tips for entrepreneurs in this episode: - Making the wrong hire is very expensive from a time and moral perspective especially when you're a small team. Don't be desperate to get a body in the room. - Explore everything about a topic/subject you get throw into, or are interested in - A key skill for entrepreneurs is developing resilience: because the highs are high and the lows are low - Have a really good support network of friends who are also entrepreneurs because it gets lonely

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#37 - Evolving Careers, Part 1: When There Is No Road Map

The Fairer Cents

aliceko recommended:

I'm so glad I discovered this podcast from @inhersight! Amazing episode about non-linear career paths. With the new 'gig' economy, are non-linear careers paths now the new norm? And IS there such a thing as a 'traditional' career path anymore? Nobody is staying in their jobs for more than a few years. Loved the two very different stories from Jada Gomez and Paul Pant on how to authentically encourage more diversity in the workplace and how to get into a field with no experience. Good insights re: the perfect 'job' (a mix of : autonomy, mastery, purpose), the problem with 'hustle/startup bro' culture, why companies need to encourage employees to have passions outside of work, and good 'how to say no' at work scripts.

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Hasan Minhaj

Business Dad

mijustin recommended:

Love Hasan’s comedy. Big fan of Alexis too (co-founder of Reddit). Interesting to hear them talking about fatherhood!

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Episode 195: Startups, Sex, and Success, with Cindy Eckert

Ellevate Podcast: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business

aliceko recommended:

Brilliant episode. We need more people like Cindy Eckert to stand up for women in the startup space. "When something goes wrong for men in the bedroom, it's a national disaster. Why doesn't this happen for women?" A much-needed conversation about the male-dominated sexual health industry and why there is such an opposing perspective when it comes to male and female sexual health. For men, it's seen as a biological problem (thereby creating 26 different male-only products) but for women, this is socially viewed as a 'psychological' -- and they just get a pat on the head.

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#201: How to Capitalize on the ‘Original Research’ Trend in Content Marketing

High-Income Business Writing: Freelance Writing | Copywriting | Content Writing | How to Freelance

epekilis recommended:

Practical tips on how to conduct and monetize original research as a freelance writer if you don’t have a technical background in the actual science of survey design.

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113 - Sales AI: Is the revolution coming?

Modern Sales: B2B Sales Podcast

liston_w recommended:

Full disclosure: I made this podcast! I recommend this episode if you're interested in learning more about how AI works, whether it can live up to its big promise, and where it stands today. In this episode I talk about how AI can affect sales now and in the future, and the specific components of AI that make it work (or not work so well). If you're at all involved in selling, marketing, or entrepreneurship, this one can help satisfy your AI curiosity.

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Working Life

aliceko recommended:Jan 4th

Wow, I just discovered one of my new favorite podcasts! It’s like “How I Built This” - but focused on women who have built a successful second career in their “second life”. I loved this episode for several reasons: 1. I love the supergoop! brand. Best sunscreen ever. Seriously. Their “unscreen” pr...Show More

Holly Thaggard: Supergoop! Founder

Second Life

Business Management & Marketing

julie recommended:Dec 30th, 2019

This was an excellent episode with great takeaways. Every time I listen to this show I have to stop and take notes about books or approaches!

Building a Culture in a Newly Merged Organization

HR Leaders

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