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Canada’s Public Podcaster. Home to several award-winning and critically acclaimed series.

cbcpodcasts echoed S2 E9: Hanging By A Moment with Xavier DolanOct 17th

Xavier Dolan took Cannes by storm at age 20. A decade, dozens of awards and a hit Adele video later, Canadian cinema's wonder boy is now 30 and ready for the next stage of his life. In a notably candid interview ("You make me want to tell you the truth”) Dolan opens up about relationships with straight men, his taste for unrequited love and how fame helped him "get rid of the bullshit."

S2 E9: Hanging By A Moment with Xavier Dolan

Chosen Family

cbcpodcasts echoed How to serve up your politics this ThanksgivingOct 11th

It’s going to be harder to avoid politics this year, with an election 10 days away and advanced polls open Thanksgiving weekend. So if you’re gonna go for it, Rosie and Elamin have some advice — from focusing more on specific issues instead of preferred parties to challenging “my vote won’t count” thinking with some solid counter arguments.

How to serve up your politics this Thanksgiving

Party Lines

cbcpodcasts echoed Recapping a crucial federal leaders debateOct 8th

The highs, lows and takeaways from the sole English language debate with all six major party leaders. Reminder: Voting day in Canada is coming up on Oct. 21

Recapping a crucial federal leaders debate

Front Burner

cbcpodcasts echoed S5: Sharmini - TrailerSep 20th

“As with all of CBC’s podcasts, the thread of the investigation is carefully woven, in a polished and gripping narrative—but perhaps what’s most special about Uncover: Sharmini is the time taken to reconstruct Sharmini’s unique world. Shephard hears from not only detectives, journalists, and even the chief suspect; she also speaks with the parents who adored Sharmini, the friends who belted out The Backstreet Boys with her, the teacher who still has trouble referring to her in the past tense, the smitten boy who sat next to Sharmini in home room. It’s a poignant portrayal of community, mystery, and loss, and of a remarkable young woman whose life was cut senselessly short.” - Emily Stein, Crime Reads

S5: Sharmini - Trailer


cbcpodcasts echoed The paths to Canadian election victorySep 12th

Keep an eye on the Front Burner feed for more elections-focused stories — including a new series called Please Explain, powered by listener questions.

The paths to Canadian election victory

Front Burner

cbcpodcasts echoed Introducing Party Lines (Trailer)Sep 12th

Need an unpretentious political primer? Allow us to introduce you to Party Lines — CBC's new political primer for every kind of concerned citizen, co-hosted by Rosemary Barton and Elamin Abdelmahmoud. Together they'll get you election ready.

Introducing Party Lines (Trailer)

Party Lines

cbcpodcasts echoed 'Pick up the book and read': Canadian poets on the legacy of Toni MorrisonAug 7th

Two of Canada’s pre-eminent poets, El Jones and George Elliott Clarke, break down the vital importance of Toni Morrison’s work, how she shaped the course of modern literature and fostered a generation of Black writers.

'Pick up the book and read': Canadian poets on the legacy of Toni Morrison

Front Burner

cbcpodcasts echoed The DetonatorJul 30th

Hear the piece that Jessica Reed (Features editor for The Guardian) just called an “absolute masterpiece.” CW: A woman tries to live her life while a stalker pursues her for over a decade. She write and produced this piece under the pseudonym “Kate”

The Detonator

Love Me

cbcpodcasts echoed What’s the big deal about Beyond Meat?Jul 30th

Raise your hand if you’ve had a Beyond Meat burger. Do you know what sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill veggie burger? (Hint: it’s not just better marketing.)

What’s the big deal about Beyond Meat?

Front Burner

cbcpodcasts echoed Simu Liu: The actor on Kim's Convenience and Asian representation on screenJul 25th

A delightful detail from this interview: Simu bought out a whole theatre’s-worth of tickets to Awkwafina’s new film (The Farewell) and gave them all away for free. A gesture of support for a fellow Asian actor. This superhero sure knows how to back up his team!

Simu Liu: The actor on Kim's Convenience and Asian representation on screen

q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

cbcpodcasts echoed S2: Your LettersJul 24th

Secret Life’s first ever mailbag episode! Learn about Hawaiian history in B.C., the creepiest stories out of Gastown and the legacy (and impressive progeny!) of a man nicknamed “Portuguese Joe”

S2: Your Letters

The Secret Life of Canada

cbcpodcasts echoed S2 Episode 9 - Maggie - It's okay to feel goodJul 24th

It's International Self Care Day, so we've got to point you to our most intentionally therapeutic podcast, Other People's Problems. Host Hillary McBride offers so many useful tools for emotional regulation, self soothing, self discovery and even *gasp* allowing yourself to feel joy.

S2 Episode 9 - Maggie - It's okay to feel good

Other People's Problems

cbcpodcasts echoed FaceApp: Fact, fiction and fearsJul 19th

Have you tried FaceApp? Should you be freaked out about it? Front Burner walks us through the facts, the fictions and all that fun fine print. Note: there is a difference between what company has said in interviews and the app's actual terms and conditions.

FaceApp: Fact, fiction and fears

Front Burner

cbcpodcasts echoed S2E3: The Notorious Life with Margaret ChoJul 19th

A generation of trailblazing Gen Xers are turning 50 — JLo, Gwen Stefani, Ice Cube, Jay-Z and, don’t forgot, the notorious C.H.O. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the lessons that stuck. Don’t miss Margaret Cho in an interview that made host Tranna Wintour “ugly cry.”

S2E3: The Notorious Life with Margaret Cho

Chosen Family

cbcpodcasts echoed CapsizedJul 18th

"Once again, this CBC series brings together literal and figurative poetry to show human connection in all its confusing, glorious forms. This installment somehow finds a throughline between an unusual shrimp-themed first date, a former Kiribati president’s sorrow for the island nation’s possible fate, and a lyrical ode to the uncertainties of a strengthening romantic relationship. Phone calls, remote interviews, and in-studio recitations are all mixed together, flowing freely from one idea to the next. All of these parts combine to form a whole that further underlines the specific and universal ways that love can appear in our lives." - Steve Greene Indiewire just named this episode one of the best of 2019, so far!


Love Me

cbcpodcasts echoed 48 HoursJul 18th

Indiewire just named this episode one of the best of 2019 so far! "How can things still not go according to plan, even when there was no real plan to begin with? It’s a question that Rob Norman and Andrew Norton gradually answer over the course of their off-the-beaten path attempt to identify and solve someone’s very specific problem in a two-day time period. As with most heavily-constrained experiments like this, expectations don’t exactly match reality. But aside from providing an important reminder of the value of persistence and the mixed returns of putting a hard cap on artistic pursuits, it’s also an interesting case study in how audio stories can (and in many cases, have to) adjust their efforts on the fly. "

48 Hours

Personal Best

cbcpodcasts echoed What is love?Jul 16th

Do you want to understand the actual science of love and how it works in your brain? Tai Asks Why — a big questions podcast hosted by a precocious child — will break it down for you. Listen if you think love is kind of weird and scary and you must understand how it works. Let's skip the romance and reverse engineer this thing.

What is love?

Tai Asks Why

cbcpodcasts echoed S2 Episode 6 - Franklyn - Carrying old hurt into new loveJul 16th

Are you excited about a new love, but also afraid to get hurt? Check out 'Other People's Problems' — a podcast that lets you play fly-on-the-wall in real therapy sessions. Listen if you really want to move forward but fear is getting in the way. How do you know which risks are worth taking? How do you know when you're ready?

S2 Episode 6 - Franklyn - Carrying old hurt into new love

Other People's Problems

cbcpodcasts echoed The DoppelgängerJul 16th

Are you awkward when it comes to flirting, especially online? Personal Best — an irreverent self-improvement podcast that is half-help, half-hijinks — might be able to help! Listen if you've ever struggled to convey the complexity of your personhood in today's online dating scene. You've gotta hit send at some point, friend.

The Doppelgänger

Personal Best

cbcpodcasts echoed Episode 1: At A Loss For WordsJul 16th

Are you the type to reflect on the human condition and how it affects all kinds of love? Try 'Love Me' — our story-powered podcast that uses both truth and fiction to explore the messiness of human connection. Listen if you want to grow your circle of empathy and see the common threads that bind us all.

Episode 1: At A Loss For Words

Love Me

cbcpodcasts echoed Episode 1: RomanticJul 16th

Are you still trying to figure out if you were the jerk in your last relationship? The Shadows — an immersive audio fiction told from multiple perspectives — might help you figure it out. Listen if you're ready to get out of your own head and into those of other people (and one inanimate object.) Just don't expect any one perspective to be all the way reliable.

Episode 1: Romantic

The Shadows

cbcpodcasts echoed Chapter 1: Not if, howJul 16th

Are you a hopeless romantic struggling in the era of Tinder-powered dating? Alone: A Love Story — an intimate podcast memoir about love, loss and learning — will help you own all chapters of your life. Listen if: you’re looking for a love that stays while everyone else is madly searching. And if you hope to find that love within yourself.

Chapter 1: Not if, how

Alone: A Love Story

cbcpodcasts echoed The Shadows: TrailerJul 15th

"Exhilarating, dreamlike, and razor-sharp real ... It’s a sound design masterpiece, expertly diving into different minds and story arcs and fantasies." - Podcast Review (from the LA Review of Books) The Shadows by Kaitlin Prest is an immersive six-part audio drama that recently won Gold for Fiction at the Digital Publishing Awards. For best results, listen with headphones in bed by candlelight.

The Shadows: Trailer

The Shadows

cbcpodcasts echoed Tai Says HiJul 12th

A beautifully produced series hosted by Tai Poole, our youngest podcaster ever! This little guy comes up with his own big questions, like: what is love? Is there a brain in our gut? And how are we gonna fix climate change? We’re proud to share that Tai beat out all the adults to win the title of Best Podcaster at the most recent Canadian Podcast Awards. He also won a Webby for best Kids & Family show.

Tai Says Hi

Tai Asks Why

cbcpodcasts echoed Chosen Family is back!Jul 12th

A conversational podcast hosted by two queer, cosmically-destined BFFs. Montreal comedians Thomas Leblanc & Tranna Wintour shine a light in the intersection of art, community and sexuality. Welcome to the family!

Chosen Family is back!

Chosen Family

cbcpodcasts echoed S4: The Cat Lady Case - TrailerJul 12th

In 1998, Joan Lawrence vanished without a trace. All police could find were her beloved cats, shot dead. Journalist Zander Sherman brings forth new witnesses, unsealed documents and fresh promises from the OPP. This series sheds light on one of cottage country’s darkest crimes, as well as the importance of caring for the elderly when they’re alone, isolated and at their most vulnerable.

S4: The Cat Lady Case - Trailer