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Cesar Moncada


Podcast fan since 2006. Scientist. Comedy fan. Chapter Leader of Podcast Brunch Club Milwaukee. I easily listen to about 100 episodes a week so I’m always looking for new stuff. Also I curate themed playlist so check them out.

cesarm echoed Girl Power | 6Sep 18th

Great episode about the role of the Spice Girls on introducing a brand of feminism to an entire generation.

Girl Power | 6

History of the 90s

cesarm echoed Nightmare on the HillSep 18th

This podcast decided to go the long route to put into context the Space Program. And it has payed off. Everybody always points out to Kennedy's speech as the beginning of politics and space exploration. But this episode is all about the behind the scenes "realpolitik" between Johnson and Eisenhower that lead to the creation of NASA.

Nightmare on the Hill


cesarm echoed Freaks & Geeks: "Pilot" w/ Alan SepinwallSep 18th

This podcast explores all the now classic (and bombs) of the crowded year of 1999. But this is the first of a spinoff mini series where they venture into TV shows. Starting with cult classic Freaks and Geeks with the great Alan Sepinwall.

Freaks & Geeks: "Pilot" w/ Alan Sepinwall

Podcast Like It's 1999

cesarm echoed Seaman with Jon GabrusSep 18th

The genre of bad movie podcast is by now a staple of the comedy podcast genre. This is a new spin on the genre that instead of discussing movies. It explores bad Video Games. Heather Ann Campbell and Nick Wiger (of Doughboys) are a great pair of hosts that keep the show moving. This episode is all about the Dreamcast oddity Seaman. The perfect insane game for this podcast.

Seaman with Jon Gabrus

How Did This Get Played?

cesarm echoed 01. TrafficSep 18th

It finally is here. One of the most hyped audio dramas in a while. And it doesn't disappoint. The cast that includes Kelly Marie-Tran (Star Wars) and Patti LuPone (!) is excellent. And the behind the scenes includes a murderers row of talented podcasters including John Scott Dryden (Tumanbay; LifeAfter), Lauren Shippen (The Bright Sessions), Mark Henry Phillips (Homecoming; Serial) and Mara Wilson (Big Hero 6; Matilda!) and Kevin Rodriguez (Deadly Class) promises more thrills ahead. Even if you don't listen to audio dramas I recommend this as an entry point.

01. Traffic

Passenger List

cesarm echoed Chapter Five: Gentlemen Prefer BlondesSep 18th

So tragic. She was just a very complex person. Kudos to the producers for pulling an actual interview with Marilyn Monroe.

Chapter Five: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Killing of Marilyn Monroe

cesarm echoed Ep 5: The LaserSep 18th

Great episode about "alternative medicine" and the dubious claims they sell to people. No need to listen to the previous episodes but you should anyway.

Ep 5: The Laser

Patient Zero

cesarm echoed 100: Labor Day Bonus Feedback PodSep 18th

On this episode the host reads a lot of positive and negative reviews which is a shame as I realized that the negative reviews were on point. The host is a newbie on podcasting and has no idea of what the podcast is. Which is a shame as is the only show talking about this topic.

100: Labor Day Bonus Feedback Pod


cesarm echoed #147 The Woman in the Air ConditionerSep 18th

Reply All is not the same anymore. This episode is plagued with Decompression issues. Twenty Thousand Hertz would have done a tighter version of this story. When NPR/Gimlet shows try to be funny is definitely one of my biggest podcast pet peeves.

#147 The Woman in the Air Conditioner

Reply All

cesarm echoed Episode 4: How the Bad Blood StartedSep 18th

This episode is all about the inequality of Health Care that has been part of the system pretty much from the start. They mentioned Tuskegee briefly at the end of the episode. For a more in depth exploration the American Scandal podcast recently wrapped a Tuskegee series of episodes.

Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started


cesarm echoed The Whistleblower (Karen Silkwood)Sep 18th

I have always found this case tragic and absolutely insane. If you recently watched the HBO miniseries Chernobyl (and its companion podcast) this is the American case that you need to know more about. This will be part of my upcoming Curated List "The Art of the Scam 3: Scam With A Vengeance".

The Whistleblower (Karen Silkwood)


cesarm echoed McGwire vs. Sosa — Saving Baseball | 1Sep 18th

I'm not a sports fan and definitely not a baseball fan. But this series just wrapped and it was really gripping.

McGwire vs. Sosa — Saving Baseball | 1

Sports Wars

cesarm echoed Operation Aurora, Part 1Sep 18th

This series is very informative on the complicated relationship of Google and the Chinese government.

Operation Aurora, Part 1

Malicious Life

cesarm echoed Three Chords And The TruthSep 18th

Just a fantastic interview with Ken Burns. He needs to host a podcast. A must for podcasters and fans of documentaries and storytelling.

Three Chords And The Truth


cesarm echoed 6: Affordability by DesignSep 18th

This podcast is back with new episodes! I definitely found intriguing when the guest discussed how interesting design ends up being creating spaces only for wealthy people. In this episode they talked about the concept of co-living. Pretty much dorm rooms for millenials that want to live in the city without breaking the banks.

6: Affordability by Design

City of the Future

cesarm echoed Chapter One: Jeffrey Epstein - The Birth of a MonsterSep 18th

Another Epstein series just started. This one has a former driver of Epstein in the first episode. We will see which series is better.

Chapter One: Jeffrey Epstein - The Birth of a Monster

EPSTEIN: Devil in the Darkness

cesarm echoed Superbugs' Natural PredatorSep 18th

Season 3 of Prognosis is discussing the rising threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria. This particular episode tells the story of how this rising threat has brought renew interest in a Soviet Union therapy involving viruses. This episode will be included in my upcoming curated List "The Invisible Kingdom: All About Microbes"

Superbugs' Natural Predator


cesarm echoed DYNASTIES 1 - The StronachsSep 18th

After a very interesting Season 1. Commons just premiered Season 2. This season will explore the influential families that control politics and industry in Canada.

DYNASTIES 1 - The Stronachs


cesarm echoed The Curious Charms of the Casino BuffetSep 18th

This is one of the best episodes on the hyper local and yet very interesting podcast about the intersection of food and culture in Las Vegas

The Curious Charms of the Casino Buffet

Spicy Eyes

cesarm echoed Get Ready for Gene-Edited FoodSep 18th

A new kind of modified food is coming soon and contrary to GMOs. There is no labeling required.

Get Ready for Gene-Edited Food

WSJ The Future of Everything

cesarm echoed 370- The Pool and the Stream ReduxSep 18th

Whether you are a skateboarding fan, or you miss the Tony Hawk games or watched the Lords of Dogtown and the Z-Boys. I bet you never thought how that relates to Scandinavian inspired pool design.

370- The Pool and the Stream Redux

99% Invisible

cesarm echoed “I’m a podcast librarian.”Sep 12th

Very meta episode for this platform @mm @danny. I also feel so validated because I knew all the podcasts she mentions (except for that cat one WTF). I also feel a kinship when she mentions she is over Reply All.

“I’m a podcast librarian.”

Weird Work

cesarm echoed Celebrate Mexico’s True National Holiday with the Mysteries of MoleSep 12th

Great episode about one of the most time consuming and delicious dishes in Mexican cuisine.

Celebrate Mexico’s True National Holiday with the Mysteries of Mole


cesarm echoed S1 E1: Their Day in CourtSep 11th

First podcast series dedicated to this scandal. Seems promising that they intend everything in perspective.

S1 E1: Their Day in Court

BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein

cesarm echoed The fictional presidencies of Hillary ClintonSep 10th

Great new show. This particular episode talks about how Hillary Clinton became the archetype of a female politician and all the baggage that brought.

The fictional presidencies of Hillary Clinton


cesarm echoed AI and Neuroscience: The virtuous circleSep 10th

Great 8 part miniseries. It is a nice primer of the work on DeepMind and AI.I would listen to this and then listen to Sleepwalkers for a more in-depth counterpoint and/or companion podcast series. Also Hannah Fry has a nicest voice in podcasting. I wish she was the voice of every podcast.

AI and Neuroscience: The virtuous circle

DeepMind: The Podcast

cesarm echoed The Litter MythSep 10th

Fantastic episode. It really reframes the notion of littering. I think this is the greatest conspiracy/ scam that I was not aware of.

The Litter Myth


cesarm echoed Episode 3: The Birth of American MusicSep 7th

One of my favorite episodes of the year. A great simple (and complex) and tight narrative about the beginnings of American Music and its evolution with a lot of subtext on cultural appropriation, minorities on media etc. I spend the week listening to a lot of aspiring indie podcasts and more creators should listen to this episode as a masterclass for crafting a podcast episode with concise storytelling and efficient editing.

Episode 3: The Birth of American Music


cesarm echoed “I’m a professional cuddler.”Aug 30th

Great episode. I came for the shock value and ready to have a laugh but the episode is definitely food for thought and insightful.

“I’m a professional cuddler.”

Weird Work

cesarm echoed Ignore, Delete, EscalateAug 30th

The increase need for content moderation on social media is the dark secret that Silicon Valley prefers to ignore. This is a very interesting look at the issue.

Ignore, Delete, Escalate

Tales of Silicon Valley

cesarm echoed Rice and Resilience Part 1Aug 30th

Fantastic episode. Great stories about how the Asian and African immigrant experiences are interwoven with the culture of rice in America. I can't wait for part two.

Rice and Resilience Part 1

Point of Origin

cesarm echoed Something True 4: Ruska PravdaAug 30th

Fantastic story. A fun addition to history fans. I want to see this movie.

Something True 4: Ruska Pravda

Something True

cesarm echoed S2: ChinatownAug 30th

Great episode about the experience of Asian-Canadians and the development of the first Chinatown in Canada.

S2: Chinatown

The Secret Life of Canada

cesarm echoed Building immersive stories with Nonny de la Peña, CEO of EmblematicAug 30th

Great episode. Virtual reality is opening the door for a new kind of journalism. Immersive journalism seems like a fantastic idea to put the "reader" in the middle of the story quite literally.

Building immersive stories with Nonny de la Peña, CEO of Emblematic


cesarm echoed Donating PlasmaAug 28th

New show for comedy and Earwolf fans. The Nicks explore Get Rich schemes and review which one actually make money and which ones are a waste of time.

Donating Plasma

Get Rich Nick

cesarm echoed Joe Exotic: The Tiger King | 1Aug 28th

This season seems promising. The characters seem ridiculous and entertaining.

Joe Exotic: The Tiger King | 1

Over My Dead Body

cesarm echoed Is Amazon Too Big? We Ask Its SellersAug 28th

Amazon giveth and Amazon taketh away. Great episode on the dark side of Amazon keyword advertising and in-house brands.

Is Amazon Too Big? We Ask Its Sellers

Land of the Giants

cesarm echoed Episode 1: The Fight for a True DemocracyAug 25th

Great pilot episode. An exploration of the start off the dichotomy between “The Land of the Free” and slavery. To this day the US has to grapple with the Original Sin of Slavery.

Episode 1: The Fight for a True Democracy


cesarm echoed The Beginning of the EndAug 23rd

Great new audio drama starring Natalie Morales (Abby’s, Parks and Rec). If you liked the audio drama Bubble you will like this. The dialogue is definitely a breath of fresh air on the audio drama genre.

The Beginning of the End

Ellie and The Wave

cesarm echoed Episode 1047 - David ShieldsAug 23rd

This kind of episodes reminds you that smart conversations don’t happen on TV anymore. They happen on podcasts.

Episode 1047 - David Shields

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast