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Founder of this app. Love learning new things. Reply all + revisionist history is my jam atm.

danny echoed The long fight over a "secular" QuebecApr 20th

Parts are really sad/frustrating to listen to. Really good reporting on the history of Quebec's new bill.

The long fight over a "secular" Quebec

Front Burner

switters echoed Episode 167: TAPS part Deux AKA Climbing Humor is Dead.Apr 18th

Man, this podcast is fun. Good-hearted IG ragging, what's up in the world of boards, old v new climber sensibilities (beers v gym), and generally high-quality banter. Bunch of beauties.

Episode 167: TAPS part Deux AKA Climbing Humor is Dead.

The Enormocast: a climbing podcast

acserrano echoed Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election SpecialApr 17th

"It's about whether or not women can succeed in political office." -- overwhelmingly this episode seems to suggest that this goal is a LOT harder to achieve than we might think, TODAY! Yesterdays' Jason Kenney win will make this even harder as his party is primed to set the women's movement back by decades. Depressing but #MustListen

Last Woman Standing: an Alberta Election Special

No Second Chances

virovalkyrie echoed Episode 1: Wanna Swim in Cash?Apr 16th

I had always thought pyramid scheme is so well known that no way this is still a thing. However, reality is these MLMs still very much in the picture. They might even be controlling the law! This podcast is definitely an eye-opener.

Episode 1: Wanna Swim in Cash?

The Dream

mm echoed Equity Dive: Patreon Apr 14th

Great insight from the journalist on Patreon’s history and paths to growth and exit. Interesting look at how they’ve refined the target market they’re focusing on and pivot to a SaaS company.

Equity Dive: Patreon


kimwaudio echoed Ep.30 A Post Antibiotic EraApr 14th

This well reported investigation just confirms how important our philanthropic and compliance efforts are for hospitals and healthcare. Though this tragic story took place in a developing country, it is a rising global problem even in our backyards.

Ep.30 A Post Antibiotic Era

The Tip Off

matresstester echoed The Puerto Rico EditionApr 13th

Natalie Jaresko is the Tony Stark of distressed government finances. She stabilized Ukraine and is now trying to help Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Edition

Slate Money

jspinelle echoed Karen StennerApr 12th

Yascha correctly describes this as a heady interview, but it’s worth listening to for an understanding of what draws people to authoritarian leaders, and what we can do about it.

Karen Stenner

The Good Fight

danny echoed a16z Podcast: A Podcast About PodcastingApr 13th

Some amazing insights on why podcasts are so popular these days, what's holding it back and what are people trying to do to solve it. Great encouragement for us as we build out the community here!

a16z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasting


danny echoed The Tragedy ExpertApr 8th

This was totally not what I expected when I started listened to the episode. But I absolutely ❤️'ed it.

The Tragedy Expert

Without Fail

dianebluegreen echoed Ep 162: The best bad ending you'll ever readApr 4th

discussion on nonfiction books,especially history and true crime. i love nonfiction and enjoyed this immensely! lots of enthusiasm and book love here.

Ep 162: The best bad ending you'll ever read

What Should I Read Next?

katzemoos echoed Interview: Karamo Brown On 'Queer Eye' & 'Embracing Purpose' Apr 4th

karamo is so uplifting and this really just shows how undervalued he was in the first seasons of queer eye

Interview: Karamo Brown On 'Queer Eye' & 'Embracing Purpose'

It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

danny echoed Catching Up With John Skipper | The Bill Simmons PodcastApr 4th

Talks about the history of ESPN, but also leadership and what its like to be a CEO of a really big company. Glad they both are friends again.

Catching Up With John Skipper | The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons Podcast

mm echoed I delivered packages for Amazon. Here's what I learnedApr 4th

Interesting to hear what it's like to deliver packages for Amazon. Didn't know that Amazon was syphoning off their deliveries to gig workers to fulfill demand from Prime etc. Would have liked to hear more from gig couriers who are doing it full-time, but appreciated the effort in this short, but informative segment.

I delivered packages for Amazon. Here's what I learned


danny echoed The Lyft IPOApr 3rd

All about Lyft, not sure what I think of them, as a company seems like they are doing great but they have a lot of control over their drivers and seemily have a plan to even replace them. Great analysis here, mostly pro lyft but mention other side.

The Lyft IPO


kimwaudio echoed Legacy planning – Leaving behind something more important than moneyMar 27th

My buddy and former coworker, Rich Polt, Founder, and President of Acknowledge Media is a guest on this podcast episode. Rich helps families and institutions preserve their legacies. He is a great film producer and meaningful storyteller.

Legacy planning – Leaving behind something more important than money

Don't Retire...Graduate Podcast

bctcheung echoed It’s Tea Time: Pirates, Polyphenols, and a Proper CuppaMar 23rd

How Britain stole tea from China and changed the course of history. 🤔

It’s Tea Time: Pirates, Polyphenols, and a Proper Cuppa


mm echoed Kaia KaterMar 23rd

😍 Loved this! Kaia's so talented. Plus she's a hyphenated Grenadian-Canadian! She explores that identity in one of the songs in this tiny desk concert 🎶🎶

Kaia Kater

Tiny Desk Concerts - Audio

danny echoed The Cat and the WhippetMar 19th

A pretty cute story 😁

The Cat and the Whippet

Love Me

danny echoed 670: Beware the JabberwockMar 19th

A whole episode on Alex Jones 🤭. Really well reported.

670: Beware the Jabberwock

This American Life

danny echoed Inside Canada's Crypto MysteryMar 15th

Really interesting story about Quadriga, btw, I met Omar once! he is as described..

Inside Canada's Crypto Mystery

Front Burner

ian echoed Logic: Logic & Chris ZarouMar 11th

Logic’s first album is one of my favourites so it’s awesome to hear about what went into creating it. I also had no idea how young Chris was when starting Visionary Music Group. This makes me want a music podcast hosted by Guy Raz.

Logic: Logic & Chris Zarou

How I Built This with Guy Raz

jspinelle echoed Brexit and the UK’s identity crisisMar 11th

Your TL;DR version of all things Brexit, with some discussion about the pros and cons of referenda and deliberative democracy.

Brexit and the UK’s identity crisis

Democracy Works

bychrischeung echoed The Science Of Exercise Recovery / Adam Savage Of 'MythBusters'Mar 9th

Mythbusters dude tells you how to survive a car that's plunged underwater and how he almost died (the lesson saved a viewer's life! ).

The Science Of Exercise Recovery / Adam Savage Of 'MythBusters'

Fresh Air

danny echoed Sam Altman on Loving Community, Hating Coworking, and the Hunt for TalentMar 7th

Enjoyed this chat. Talked about UBI, what is the demographic of historical successful founders (they mostly all come from upper-middle class families) - for now at least, AI, nuclear power, impact of high skill immigration to a country.. a lot 🤓

Sam Altman on Loving Community, Hating Coworking, and the Hunt for Talent

Conversations with Tyler

danny echoed Yellow vests and the “grand debate” in FranceMar 3rd

A good breakdown of the people and interest of the Yellow vests movement. 👍🏾🇫🇷

Yellow vests and the “grand debate” in France

Democracy Works

danny echoed Alex Talks to a Turnaround SpecialistMar 3rd

Learnt so much about the retail Indus. Great episode.

Alex Talks to a Turnaround Specialist

StartUp Podcast

danny echoed Millennial SocialistsFeb 28th

Talked about how calling yourself a socialist is pretty common these days and how the definition of socialism has changed for Millennials. ie) No longer the government controls production but it should take responsibility for health, education etc..

Millennial Socialists


jspinelle echoed Viktor Orbán’s “velvet repression” in HungaryFeb 27th

I’m very hesitant to echo my own show here, but our guest is one of the top experts on Hungarian politics. He is the former president of Central European University and we were extremely lucky to get some of his time.

Viktor Orbán’s “velvet repression” in Hungary

Democracy Works

mochromatic echoed EPISODE 43 The Melian Dialogue (The Peloponnesian War and Morality in History)Feb 26th

This is a really cool episode that highlights why it’s important to learn about history. Modern world issues are not as unique as I thought...

EPISODE 43 The Melian Dialogue (The Peloponnesian War and Morality in History)

History on Fire

jspinelle echoed Episode 163: Biased Towards DemocracyFeb 25th

I am interviewing EJ in a few weeks and found this to be a great overview of his work around democracy. Looking forward to taking him more about universal voting!

Episode 163: Biased Towards Democracy

Scholars Strategy Network's No Jargon

danny echoed How To Build Your Own Artificial PancreasFeb 23rd

People are DIY'ing their own insulin pumps. Scary when you first hear about it but they seems to be doing it b/c its not available to purchase atm.

How To Build Your Own Artificial Pancreas


danny echoed Killing SearsFeb 22nd

2nd part on sears playing a part in civil rights was something I never heard of about. Cool story.

Killing Sears

Today, Explained

matresstester echoed Slate Money: TravelFeb 21st

I learned that people take Ambien to sleep on flights.

Slate Money: Travel

Slate Money

katzemoos echoed All your data for $20Feb 17th

This was such an eye-opener in a short while. Had never thought of how much Facebook and Apple depend on each other!

All your data for $20

Today, Explained

kimwaudio echoed Alex Talks to Sam EsmailFeb 16th

Super inspiring. Just goes to show a lot of hard work and some perseverance can go a long way. Staying true to yourself and your true purpose is ultimately the best thing you can do for yourself.

Alex Talks to Sam Esmail

StartUp Podcast

mm echoed Killing SearsFeb 12th

Fascinating episode about Sears' history and current issues.

Killing Sears

Today, Explained

danny echoed Season 3, Episode 10: TencentFeb 11th

A Cole's notes on "the most important company that isn't a household name". Owns part of Reddit, Tesla, Snapchat, Fortnite, WeChat, Uber, and so much more...

Season 3, Episode 10: Tencent