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Diana Nguyen


dee.ngyn echoed Rethinking AngerOct 21st

Anger isn’t something to repress or ignore; it signifies a sense of passion and drive. Not only that, it comments on your values. I think it’s incredibly important to understand and validate all sorts of emotions, it’s a skill that will translate into your ability of being a more compassionate parent, friend, coworker, etc.

Rethinking Anger

TED Radio Hour

dee.ngyn echoed The Unhappy MillionaireOct 1st

Insightful introduction on how humans are incapable of understanding what would bring us « true happiness » and, perhaps, the opposite (we’re much more robust physiologically than you would imagine!). Our inability to account for unintended consequences naturally results in a lack of fulfillment when achieving goals. Don’t be discouraged, it brings other surprises as well!

The Unhappy Millionaire

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

dee.ngyn echoed 363- Invisible WomenSep 24th

Amazing discussion on the unintended consequences of positioning men as the default within the world of design

363- Invisible Women

99% Invisible

dee.ngyn echoed Ep #1: All My Relations & Indigenous FeminismSep 14th

An amazing introduction to a powerful podcast. The conversation is packed filled with passion, passion that is incredibly valid and backed up with years of experience (be that personal and/or professional).

Ep #1: All My Relations & Indigenous Feminism

All My Relations Podcast

dee.ngyn echoed Episode 78: The Militarization of U.S. Media's Drug CoverageAug 16th

Incredible episode on the « war on drugs ». It discusses the inappropriate response to drug possession and use in the Americas, challenges the language we use, and shifts our perspective on the topic.

Episode 78: The Militarization of U.S. Media's Drug Coverage

Citations Needed

dee.ngyn echoed What Can You Hear?Jul 14th

Lovely episode. Short, powerful, and well produced. Of course, due to its content, some may be triggered.

What Can You Hear?

Love Me