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Podyssey Picks (June 28): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of the top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! Be sure to check out the new Deep Dives too, including a special one curated by our collaborator, National Geographic.

Glitter companies don’t want you to know who their largest client is.

Listen to this funny, sleuthy episode about the mysterious business of glitter.

mm recommended:Jun 15th

Who’s the largest buyer of the sparkly annoying bits of things called glitter? Hilarious sleuthing where you’ll learn something at the same time,

The Great Glitter Mystery

by Endless Thread

Would you pay $99 a year to get less email?

A new app is redefining this age-old tool of communication—e-mail. Its founder says that it’s ‘the most ambitious and stupidest thing [they’ve] done.’

ian recommended:Jun 15th

Excited to try Hey, it seems like a really good take on email.

Jason Fried: Would you pay to get less email?

by Recode Decode

Why are tabloid papers so obsessed with Jennifer Aniston?

Hear how the tabloids turned Jennifer Aniston into the covergirl for disdain of single and childless women.

phocks recommended:Jun 19th

Listened to this episode on a recommendation from Slow Burn. Really enjoyed it. Shows us how we form characters in our minds of celebrities based on tabloid media vastly different to who that person actually is.

Sad Jennifer Aniston

by Decoder Ring

White people are sending obscure Venmo payments to Black people. But why?

This podcaster asks one of those white guys why:

michelle_ebooks recommended:Jun 24th

loved this episode exploring white people venmo-ing black people. it was super interesting to hear an uncomfortable conversation getting to the meat of it, asking a white dude "why did you do this" and also hearing from black people how it made them feel. love this bit on white guilt: "i think it's...Show More

#162 The Least You Could Do

by Reply All

Gender reveal parties is a contemporary phenomenon that’s only 10 years old. And its inventor already hates it.

Learn about the origins of the blue and pink extravaganzas.

rmmiller364 recommended:Jun 25th

Another excellent episode! I must admit that I’m the kind of person who hears “gender reveal party” and immediately goes “yuck.” I especially hate the cakes that say things like “guns or glitter?!” Or even worse “policeman or princess?!” (Because being a princess is a viable career path...). However...Show More

Gender Reveal Party

by Decoder Ring

Humanity’s anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ was composed by a deaf Beethoven.

Explore the audio adventure of the artistic genius behind the masterpiece.

hsfargis recommended:May 5th

This episode highlights what a massive accomplishment Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy” truly was.

Beethoven's Silent Symphony

by HISTORY This Week

Turn up Canadian music for Canada Day.

Hear podcasters pit Drake vs Drake and what an alternative ‘Toronto sound’ sounds like with this playlist:

Celebrating Canadian Music

5 episodes

Curated by:podcastplaylist

As we celebrate Canada and the US this week, remember that Indigenous people were on these lands long before.

Learn about the Indigenous history of Canada and the US with this playlist:

Native Americans Still Exist

16 episodes

Curated by:elfflame