Welcome to Podyssey! Introduce yourself.

dannyJun 7th, 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to Podyssey community. I'm Danny, one of the co-founders. We're excited to have you here. In the thread below: Tell us what your favorite podcasts are and what podcasts you want more suggestions for. Looking forward to meeting you all!


dannyJun 7th, 2020

I'll start. I'm one of the founders of Podyssey. I started Podyssey because I love podcasts and wanted to know about really great podcasts my friends were listening to. That idea has evolved a bit since then 😁. Currently, I get excited whenever I see a new episode of Larry Wilmore, Outlook from BB...Show More

mmJun 9th, 2020

Hi! I’m Melody and I’m also a cofounder if Podyssey. I love white collar true crime and Planet Money. I also love making playlists on obscure subjects like “crazy theme parks” and “McDonald’s”. Check out my profile to take a peak at the playlists. Looking forward to your recommendations!

jennxJun 9th, 2020

Hey guys! I'm Jenn and I do marketing here at Podyssey. I got into podcasts through Gimlet's Mystery Show podcast back in 2015. Ever since then, I've been a big fan of true crime, art & design, and interview podcasts. Just to list a few, some of my favourite podcasts include 99% Invisible, Reply A...Show More

dannyJun 9th, 2020

@jennx love that show. Good taste 👌.

mcuJun 9th, 2020

I’m Mike! Podcasts I like/listen to shift and change. Right now I’m more into sports and entertainment podcasts. They’re of local sports commentators, but I also listen to The Bill Simmons Podcast. Outside of sports I really like Binge Mode. What drew me in was the binge series on the Harry Potter b...Show More

mmJun 9th, 2020

@mcu Oh which Happy Potter series? The Potterless one or...?

mcuJun 9th, 2020

@mm Oh, it’s Binge Mode’s series on HP. They do a deep dive of the entire book series and movies. They go three to five chapters at a time and dig into the super granular details of the story and world as a whole. The two hosts dedication, passion, and love for the story can be felt in every episode...Show More

michelle_ebooksJun 9th, 2020

love this! hi everyone, i'm michelle! i'm based in san francisco. i've always loved podcasts and have been wishing for something like podyssey for a long time. i love listening, talking about, and sharing podcasts. it's so hard to pick favorites, but today my favorites are: the heart, on being, an...Show More

alicekoJun 10th, 2020

Hi everyone! I'm Alice and I'm a podcast enthusiast! I'm also the founder of Just Listened, a podcast recommendation newsletter for women :) www.justlistened.com My "always listen to" list includes: - How I Built This - The Daily - Today Explained - Before Breakfast - Talk Money - The Drive by Peter...Show More

epekilisJun 12th, 2020

@aliceko OMG you have a podcast newsletter????? And you didn’t make this known before???

epekilisJun 12th, 2020

@aliceko Just signed up. :)

alicekoJun 22nd, 2020

@epekilis Thank you! Did you see this?! https://twitter.com/Lin_Manuel/status/1274889996948910080?s=20 🙂

epekilisJun 24th, 2020

@aliceko Just finishing the episode now. It will come as no surprise to you that my daughter found the originating White House performance where Miranda sings the opening song in the part of Burr and we have played it many times. 😎

kaveinthranJun 10th, 2020

Hi, I am Kaveinthran, a blind podcast enthusiast. I love Podyssey and their commitment towards inclusive design, community-nurtured listening and especially the welcoming weekly newsleterz. I love many podcasts, particularly 1. the program audio series, fiction podcast 2. radiolab, particuarly some ...Show More

phocksJun 10th, 2020

Hey all. Good to be here. Great community you've got cultivating here. And I've never found so many great podcasts in my life. Loving all the new features etc. Keep it up!

dannyJun 10th, 2020

@phocks thanks Josh. Appreciate you recommending all the great episodes. And thanks!

jackiepesalJun 11th, 2020

Hello Everyone, I am Jackie. I started listening to podcasts many years ago with the Ted Radio Hour and started podcasting three years ago. My current project is @BLDG EVELYN, a narrated nonfiction drama series. I really enjoy this community here and now all the new features. But the color pattern...Show More

ambahjayJun 12th, 2020

I'm Amber. I have been hungry for a good podcast reccomendation source for a while now, and this is about the best thing i've found to find new things.

rmmiller364Jun 12th, 2020

Love this new discussion feature! I’m Rachel and I listen to a ton of podcasts. If I HAD to name favorites, I guess my favorite non-limited series ones would be 99% Invisible, Memory Palace, Throughline, Anthropocene Reviewed, and Rough Translation. My favorite limited series podcasts are Dolly Pa...Show More

rmmiller364Jun 12th, 2020

I also want to say that I think this is a really awesome community! I’m not a big internet poster normally, but I really like the people who hang out here and I’m glad to have more ways to interact! I also love the new edit function because now I can fix my typos!!

dannyJun 12th, 2020

@rmmiller364 thanks for such kind words Rachel. Really appreciate it. Also @michelle_ebooks has a playlist about cults you might like: https://podyssey.fm/list/podcast-episodes/id1446-cults!!!

rmmiller364Jun 12th, 2020

@danny this playlist is so up my alley!

michelle_ebooksJun 13th, 2020

@rmmiller364 yessss cults!! let me know if you find more cult content :-)

rmmiller364Jun 13th, 2020

@michelle_ebooks I have some others, in case you haven’t listened to these yet! The Love Family, Part 1 - Love & Logic from Family Ghosts on @podysseyapp: https://podyssey.fm/episode/id3641468-8%3A-The-Love-Family%2C-Part-1---Love-%26-Logic-Family-Ghosts

rmmiller364Jun 13th, 2020

@michelle_ebooks and I sometimes don’t like American Scandal, but I did like this season: The Hare Krishna Murders: Go West, Old Man | 1 from American Scandal on @podysseyapp: https://podyssey.fm/episode/id3008898-The-Hare-Krishna-Murders%3A-Go-West%2C-Old-Man-%7C-1-American-Scandal

rmmiller364Jun 13th, 2020

@michelle_ebooks oh and one more! Looking at the history of cults by focusing on what they wear: Cult Style: an interview with Sarah Byrd from Dressed: The History of Fashion on @podysseyapp: https://podyssey.fm/episode/id3000708-Cult-Style%3A--an-interview-with-Sarah-Byrd-Dressed%3A-The-History-of...Show More

jspinelleJun 12th, 2020

Hi everyone! I’m Jenna and I live in State College, Pennsylvania. I host and produce a podcast called Democracy Works that I know some of you have listened to - thank you! It’s been great getting to know everyone jn this community and I love this thread for learning more about all of you! I just f...Show More

sjlinquistJun 15th, 2020

Hi all!! Name’s Steph (they/she). I really adore this app and the hard work put into it! I’m applauding y’all 👏🏼❤️ For multiple years now I have been listening to podcasts 6-8 hours a day while working as a graphic designer. Unfortunately, I was laid off this past October, so I don’t have the s...Show More

dannyJun 15th, 2020

@sjlinquist welcome to the community. It’s been great having you here, I think you’ve personally introduced me to more than a couple podcasts that I had never thought to listen to (through your recommendations). And hope the job search is going well, this is definitely not an easy time to be going ...Show More

sjlinquistJun 15th, 2020

@danny Aww thanks Danny!