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The Perfect Scam

AARP Presents The Perfect Scam

02:22 | Mar 21st, 2018

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Coming soon from AARP, The Perfect Scam launching Friday April 6th, 2018.


hummingbird95 recommended:Apr 17th

Scams and fraud have always intrigued me. Maybe it’s from a psychology aspect or a human aspect, I don’t know, but I’ve always gravitated towards it and want to learn more. The callousness and lack of empathy on the scammer’s side and the trust and naivety on the victim’s side are just fascinating a...Show More

dannyApr 17th

@hummingbird95 that is a really compelling name for a podcast. Intrigued..

rmmiller364Apr 17th

@hummingbird95 thanks you! I love podcasts about scams!

hummingbird95Apr 17th

@rmmiller364 You’re so welcome! Hope you enjoy!

nerdyblurbtvApr 19th

@hummingbird95 Something I’ve recently gotten into myself ever since starting American Scandal. True Crime is saturated in on this medium but I can see this genre rising due to the climate the financial world is facing right meow.

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