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Sweet and Sour

10: Power and Poké: Authenticity and Gentrification of Asian Food (ft. Sonia Chopra)

32:29 | Jun 8th, 2017

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Sonia Chopra, the managing editor of, joins us this week to discuss Asian food trends and how certain foods reach the mainstream, who gets to be an authority on ethnic cuisine, and the importance of authenticity in popularizing food that is...Show More

mmMar 19th

Enjoyed this discussion about Asian food in mainstream culture - when is it appreciation vs appropriation? Is it okay?

mmMar 19th

@bctcheung @bychrischeung @ellouis @yskevinhuang - This episode about Asian food trends in mainstream American culture by Sweet and Sour podcast!

mmMar 20th

@knothappening This is the food episode everyone's talking about!

mmAug 20th

@gigi Try this episode. This is really good.