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Punch Up The Jam

018 - In the Air Tonight

1:09:58 | Apr 12th, 2018

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In a particularly chill and riffy episode, Demi and Miel dare to punch up the near perfect Phil Collins classic "In the Air Tonight," discussing deleted scenes from Tarzan, steroids for fun and blimp operators along the way. UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: "The C...Show More

monamok āˆ™ Aug 2nd

This is still my all time favourite episode when Demi and Miel their improvisational skills really go bonkers. When Iā€™m feeling sad, I put on this episode because it is funny.

monamok āˆ™ Aug 2nd

Forgot to tag @danny

danny āˆ™ Aug 2nd

@monamok šŸ˜. Thanks! Glad to see our email being read. it made my day :). Will check out the episode.