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S2 Ep. 1: Deal or No Deal

Aug 8th37:10

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For 11 hours, Monica Lewinsky faced off against federal prosecutors who wanted her to help them take down the president and threatened her with decades in jail. Slate Plus members get a bonus episode of Slow Burn every week. Find out more at slate.com/slowburn Audible is the world's largest audiobook publisher. For a 30-day trial and a free audiobook, go to audible.com/slowburn

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echoed by danny

Damn. This season sounds like it's gonna be great.

echoed by askerj

A genuine, emotion-focused account. Excited for ep.2!

reechoed by danny

echoed by gasstationb

So excited for season two! I wish Monica Lewinsky had taken part, from the interviews that mention her, she comes across completely different from how history and pop culture have portrayed her. This will be a fascinating show