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Chris and Jerry | 2

Sep 4th45:22

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Chris Duntsch was a promising medical student, with a bright future ahead of him. The friends who knew him were shocked at the doctor he would later become. Not Chris, they said. That’s not the man I know. The Chris Duntsch they knew was driven, hard-working, smart, with a twinkle in his eye. And no one believed they knew Chris Duntsch better than his best friend, Jerry Summers. “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” performed by Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams, courtesy of Rough Diamond Records. Dr. Death is presented by Bad Times at the El Royale, in theaters October 12. Check out the trailer at elroyalemovie.com Other sponsors include: Zip Recruiter - Try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at ziprecruiter.com/death  Audible - Start a 30-day trial and get your first audiobook free by going to audible... Show More

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