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Great Women of Business

Coco Chanel - "The Art of Branding"

59:03 | Jun 4th, 2018

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Coco Chanel understood women’s fashion, perfume, and jewelry. But what she understood the most was that consumers don’t just buy fashion, they buy brands. And Coco Chanel was one of the first to understand branding as we know it today. After this...Show More

karadidomizioJul 16th

Very, very interesting especially when put into the context of recent discoveries about Coco's role in an attempted coup in Madrid and German collaboration. She continually reinvented, and was a successful brander, but her character leaves something to be desired.

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mmJan 20th

I can't believe Coco Chanel was a nazi! Good episode covering her life and now she transformed herself again and again.

karadidomizioJul 16th

I know! And really, arguably, a spy. I was absolutely shocked! Thanks for the rec @mm

mmJul 16th

@karadidomizio I was so shocked I think I repeated "I can't believe Coco Chanel was a nazi" for days to everyone who would listen. She's always positioned as this elegant self-made woman we should all aspire to be (à la No 5). I guess that's the power of branding and storytelling especially in fashion! Glad you were able to listen!