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The Mash-Up Americans

Frank Shyong Cares a Lot

31:28 | Sep 26th, 2018

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The Mash-Up Americans are back with another Mash-Up to Know—journalist Frank Shyong of the LA Times. He covers the San Gabriel Valley and the self-described Asian Beat, knows his way around the delis and tempura houses of LA, and has his finger on th...Show More

mmMar 30th

Frank Shyong, columnist for the LA Times who writes about diversity and diaspora, is my new hero!

mmJun 15th

@ayan604 This one about Frank Shyong of LA Times is really good.

repeatRe-echoed by mm

bychrischeungMar 22nd

Very inspiring to hear from someone like Frank Shyong who likes to write about the things that I do but is further along in his career and is instantly recognizable for his unique storytelling.

mmMar 30th

Thanks so much for echoing this. I enjoyed listening to Frank Shyong! My new hero.

mmMar 30th

@bctcheung @kevinyshuang @ninjaccountant @knothappening @yllasnil - This episode about Frank Shyong of LA Times who writes about Asian diaspora is must listen!

mmMar 31st

@dbautista This episode is really good! Also all the gang's handles are ^