Tai Asks Why

What is love?

21:42 | Oct 23rd, 2018

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Love is weird. How can this thing take over your body and bend it to its will? Tai looks to science, philosophy and his mom for answers.

alicekoJul 10th

@fiercefab Thx for the reco! This was my first time listening to 'Tai Asks Why' & I was hooked b/c this was the first podcast I've ever listened to - by a kid! I need something easeful to listen to while working & I'm glad I chose this. Cute episode where Tai sets out to learn why his mother would "sacrifice herself for her offspring." Funny moments where kids talk about love in relation to reproduction and oxytocin. My fave part? when he asks "why does love have a dark side?" This is an answer even adults can understand this: it's helpful to experience pain & sadness b/c it prompts you to reignite to form new bonds...

fiercefabJul 10th

@aliceko I love when he wonders out loud why his mother wouldn’t just make more offspring! I was also very amused by his mother’s insistence that she didn’t even like babies before she had him. 🤣