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#130 The Snapchat Thief

1:10:34 | Nov 8th, 2018

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This week, a new Super Tech Support: after Lizzie's Snapchat gets hacked, things start getting really creepy. Alex investigates.Michael Bazzell's PodcastThe complete Security and Privacy PodcastSteps Michael Bazzell Gave Alex to Protect HimselfHow to...Show More

mmDec 29th, 2018

Superb episode. The sleuthing keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can't believe how exposed we are online.

alyjo007May 4th

It's crazy how exposed we are online! I'm glad this and other privacy and security podcasts exist.

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candersonJan 31st

Such a fun episode!

mmApr 16th

Or scary rather...*gulp*

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stefannypackApr 16th

Well, I'm upping all my cyber security after this listen.

mmApr 16th

@stefannypack - Are you going to do the full gamut? A friend of mine got the full package the host got and they said it was extensive.

stefannypackApr 22nd

I'm undecided but I'm definitely going to do more than my current situation.

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alyjo007May 3rd

Super informative episode and the hosts are fantastic as always

mmMay 4th

@alyjo007 So informative! To the point that it’s scary 🙈

alyjo007May 4th

@mm Yes! I keep listening to more episodes and I'm terrified, but now I at least know what's happening out there and how to better protective my information.

mmMay 4th

@alyjo007 Have you seen the huge doc they were talking about in the episode on securing/erasing all your private info from the web? It’s huge!

alyjo007May 4th

@mm I haven't! Thank you for the link!!! Oh, wow, that's intense.

walkercatzJul 15th

A wild episode about the underbelly of the internet , handle thieves and Snapchat hackers.

mmJul 15th

This episode was so crazy.

mcuJul 29th

Another terrific episode. A couple of unexpected twists!