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Is Good Design Good for You?

24:35 | Nov 13th, 2018

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The “Like” button was a huge triumph for Facebook, or was it? Now more than ever we’re all wondering if our traditional definition of “good” design is actually in our best interests. In this episode, we take a look at the intersection of ethics and d...Show More


Great episode about why tech is so addictive and the responsibility of tech designers to think about mental wellbeing of their users.


Hadn’t heard about variable reward being used to make products addictive. Lots of info worth thinking about when designing products in this episode.

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An interview with the person who invented the Facebook Like button! Discusses the ethics of web design. He had no idea of the psychology of online addiction that would be fed by the constant need for reinforcement by counting likes.


Thanks for the recommendation via echo. So glad I finally got to listen to this episode. Amazing how the person who invented the Facebook Like button was faced with pushback that no one would want it. I remember when the Facebook Like button was distributed outside of Facebook and that was a big deal. Now it's just ubiquitous.