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Episode 286: Nitasha Tiku

Mar 21st43:29

Nitasha Tiku is a senior writer at Wired. “I’ve always been an incredibly nosy person—not nosy, curious. Curious about the world. It just gives you a license to ask any question, and hopefully if you have a willing editor, the freedom to see something fascinating and pursue it. It was just a natural fit from there. But that also means I don’t have the machismo, ‘breaking news’ sort of a thing. I feel like I can try on different hats, wherever I am.” Thanks to MailChimp and Credible.com for sponsoring this week's episode. @nitashatiku Nitasha on Longform [04:25] "My Life With the Thrill Clit Cult" (Gawker • Oct 2013) [15:50] "Facebook Battles New Criticism After U.S. Indictment Against Russians" (Georgia Wells, Robert McMillan • The Wall Street Journal • Feb 2018) [16:30] "WeWork Used The... Show More

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