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The Dropout


45:27 | Jan 23rd

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On the premiere episode of The Dropout, you'll meet a young Elizabeth Holmes. Convinced of her own destiny even as a young child, she would come to drop out of Stanford in her late teens, intending to mold herself after the great tech icons of our ti...Show More

mm βˆ™ Jan 24th

Oh wow. Holmes sounds much worse and more problematic than what was reported in the media. The interviews with advisors and employees are insightful.

epekilis βˆ™ Feb 23rd

@mm thx, I’m adding this to my list on your recommendation

mm βˆ™ Feb 23rd

@epekilis So excited about the series. Let me know what you think after you give this episode a listen.

mm βˆ™ May 8th

@williamlau This is the one I mentioned about the medical device scammer.

williamlau βˆ™ May 8th

@mm thanks! I’ll give this a listen :D

mchua βˆ™ Sep 9th

@mm wow great series! Thanks for echoing. I've gone through it all in one day!

mm βˆ™ Sep 10th

@mchua So glad you enjoyed it (and binged it)! One of my favourites. You should echo the episodes :) Also more binge-worthy white collar crime series on my playlist here: I suggest "The Dream". Episode 1 is "Wanna Swim in Cash?" Let me know what you think if you do take a listen.

mm βˆ™ Sep 10th

@mchua Here's a direct link to The Dream for convenience! It's a deep investigation about multilevel marketing schemes.

danny βˆ™ Jan 31st

Oh boy! this is gonna be a fun mini-series.

mm βˆ™ May 14th

@acserrano This is the Theranos series we mentioned. I don’t know how similar it is to the show you watched, but there’s one episode in here about the office lying incident. The last episode of the series is good too about Holmes today after exit from Theranos. That definitely should be new material from the show.

acserrano βˆ™ May 15th

@mm cool thanks! Will have a listen.

sarah βˆ™ Jul 14th

This whole show was incredible!! Such a terrifying, infuriating and addicting podcast.

danny βˆ™ Jul 14th

aliceko βˆ™ Jul 14th

@sarah The first podcast I binged on :)