The Dropout

The Enforcer

38:31 | Jan 30th

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Elizabeth brings on an unexpected character as her right-hand man at Theranos and it turns out they are hiding a big secret. They strike a monumental deal with Walgreens that could potentially put millions of lives at risk while insiders say a cultur...Show More

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kimwaudioMar 28th

I’m speechless and heartbroken! If you aren’t familiar with the details of this Theranos progression and Elizabeth Holmes investigation, I highly recommend you listen to this podcast from the beginning of the series.

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alicekoFeb 23rd

@mm so sad about Ian... I am shocked I had no idea. How did board members not have the ability to speak directly to the chief scientist? How sad is it that he didn’t say anything at risk of “not wanting to be unemployed?”

mmFeb 23rd

Same feelings here about Ian! 😢 I think as we age, the risk of unemployment becomes higher because of ageism, which is especially true in hi-tech. Also, so much of our waking hours are spent on working that our identities are wrapped up in jobs and careers. And people also define you by your career - i.e. When you meet new people, everyone always asks "what do you do?". Apart from societal expectations, I think Theranos kept a tight leash around their employees. If anyone dared to expose them publicly, I'm sure there would be lawsuits and other consequences. On board members: It seems like Elizabeth and Sunny were doing all sorts of deception tricks on the board members too. Also, as someone said, the board composition looked like the company was armed to take over the world, not revolutionize the medical industry.