99% Invisible

340- The Secret Lives of Color

44:58 | Feb 5th

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Here at 99% Invisible, we think about color a lot, so it was really exciting when we came across a beautiful book called The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair It’s this amazing collection of stories about different colors, the way they’ve bee...Show More

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loopaleepFeb 17th

If you like colors or want to learn about the history behind red. It's pretty cool.

mmMar 7th

I finally listened to this and absolutely loved it @loopaleep! Didn't know that blue was considered evil until Virgin Mary - or at least in the West. I also enjoyed learning about how the "royalty" colours of purple, red, etc. came to signify class. Thanks for the echo!

mmMar 7th

This is a wonderful episode about everything you'd want to know about colours -- something we always take for granted. The storytelling and analysis behind each colour was fascinating. I wished this was something we learned in grade school!