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Freakonomics Radio

366. This Economist Predicted the Last Crisis. What’s the Next One?

49:08 | Feb 7th

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In 2005, Raghuram Rajan said the financial system was at risk “of a catastrophic meltdown.” After stints at the I.M.F. and India’s central bank, he sees another potential crisis — and he offers a solution. Is it stronger governments? Freer markets? R...Show More

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dannyApr 20th

Great episode. Talks about Indian demonitization at first then more general economics.

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mochromaticApr 10th

It was interesting to hear Rajan's take on why there is an increase in social unrest and extremist thinking.

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moApr 2nd

Not just about economic crisis but about socio-cultural movements in where we are headed in the next 10 years

dannyApr 2nd

dannyApr 2nd

@mo thats was the only stock market emoji I could find...

moApr 5th

I thought the last 20 minutes were accurate but also soulful and thoughtful advice

moApr 5th

You have mastered emojis my friend