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Ben Greenfield Fitness

Can Plant-Rich Keto Cure Cancer, Clearing Up Collagen Confusion, Peanut Butter Flavored Bone Broth & Much More!

1:12:59 | Feb 9th

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Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine, chiropractic physician and clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get healthy by empowering them to use nutrition to fuel their health. He operates one of the world’s largest health websites ...Show More

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kimwaudioFeb 24th

Love this podcast! So informative. I love Dr. Axe’s advice and products (Ancient Nutrition). I also love Ben Greenfield!

mmFeb 24th

@kimwaudio: What were your key takeaways from Dr. Axe's advice? I'm intrigued by the "peanut butter flavoured bone broth". Can't say it's a combo I've ever thought of - now that's for sure!

kimwaudioFeb 25th

I definitely want to try the peanut butter bone broth. Peanut butter is one of my favorite ingredients, so that will be interesting to try. His Ancient Nutrition Keto Feast bone broth collagen powder product is cool because it has caffeine in it from the coffee cherry extract. I put it in my coffee. I tried the chocolate Keto Feast and loved it. Now I’m finishing up the Keto Collagen product. The latter doesn’t have caffeine. In this particular podcast episode I really appreciated the guidance on the different types of collagen and the different benefits of each of them. I also like the feedback on consuming bone broth and collagen in addition to our whole food meals. I like the idea of supplementing other forms of collagen, since they have different benefits.

mmFeb 25th

@kimwaudio Oh wow! Thanks for the info. I wonder if you can make the peanut butter bone broth from scratch and what that would taste like 🤔 Thanks for the tips!