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Today, Explained

Killing Sears

21:33 | Feb 12th

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Sears was on its way to the graveyard of American icons when its former CEO, a reclusive billionaire named Eddie Lampert, stepped in to buy it. Unfortunately, he’s the same CEO who led the company into bankruptcy.

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dannyFeb 22nd

2nd part on sears playing a part in civil rights was something I never heard of about. Cool story.

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mmFeb 12th

Fascinating episode about Sears' history and current issues.

hiradFeb 23rd

Nice! Looking forward to listening to this. Everything about their recent bankruptcy is mind boggling. The guy bled the company for 12-13 years then swoops in to buy it out of bankruptcy again! Clearly he’s getting something out of it and I’ve been dying to figure out what.

mmFeb 23rd

@hirad Well when you listen to this, there’s actually a twist to the owner’s involvement. Can’t wait to hear what you think!