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Episode 266: Patricia Bosworth

Oct 18th, 201738:42

Patricia Bosworth is a journalist and biographer. Her latest book is The Men in My Life. “The [acting] rejections are hellish and ghastly. At least they were to me. And I got tired of being rejected so much and also tired of not being able to control my life. And as soon as I became a writer, I had this control, I felt more active, more energized. But it was a decision that took a long time coming.” Thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace, and Heaven's Gate for sponsoring this week's episode. @p_bosworth pbosworth.com Bosworth on Longform [00:05] Heaven's Gate [00:25] Snap Judgement [01:25] The Fest Presents: The Longform Podcast with special guest Zoe Chace [02:30] "Some Mother's Boy" (Atavist • Oct 2017) [3:10] Diane Arbus: A Biography (Afred A. Knopf • 1984) [03:10] Fur: An Imaginary Portrait... Show More

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