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Yellow vests and the “grand debate” in France

37:21 | Feb 25th

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This episode is the second in our series looking at democracy around the world. France is the focus this week. Our guest is Cole Stangler, an independent journalist based in Paris who covers French politics. The yellow vest movement, named for the sa...Show More

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dannyMar 3rd

A good breakdown of the people and interest of the Yellow vests movement. 👍🏾🇫🇷

mmFeb 27th

For anyone interested in the Yellow Vest movement in France, this was a really good explainer and analysis episode to get you caught up. Thank you @jspinelle for asking about the intersectionality of race in this movement. I don't think I was really satisfied by Stangler's answer on that, but the post-interview analysis was a good take. Would be interesting to hear from French PoC working class people what they think about this all. I also enjoyed listening the back and forth on protests in the analysis part of the podcast. I think everyone constantly wants cohesive demands coming from movement, but protests aren't necessarily about specific sets of demands. Also, not sure if I agree that Yellow Vest and Women's March is similar in nature.

jspinelleMar 3rd

Thanks! Cole disagreed with the premise of the question and I agree that he didn’t really answer. I will pass along the feedback to my cohosts 😀

mmMar 3rd

@jspinelle Why did Cole disagree with the premise of the question? It’s a key question and acute observation.