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Episode 163: Biased Towards Democracy

21:39 | Feb 7th

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America’s democracy is in uncharted waters. From attacks on the media to challenges against free and fair elections and the longest government shutdown in US history, the future of American democracy looks increasingly unclear. Recorded at the SSN Na...Show More

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jspinelleFeb 25th

I am interviewing EJ in a few weeks and found this to be a great overview of his work around democracy. Looking forward to taking him more about universal voting!

mmFeb 27th

Oh this sounds like a good episode. That's amazing you'll be interviewing EJ Dionne. You should echo your episode when it comes out so we know. I just saw the Yellow Vest one and looking forward to listening to it!

jspinelleFeb 27th

@mm Will do! The yellow vests conversation is interesting, as is the last week’s episode on Hungary.