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#897: New Orleans Vs. Airbnb

22:25 | Feb 28th

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Airbnb has changed New Orleans. And now landlords and preservationists are fighting over the future of the city.

mmMar 2nd

Someone bought TWO HUNDRED homes and turned them into Airbnbs in New Orleans!!!

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jspinelleMar 1st

So much I never thought about when it comes to Airbnb’s role in neighborhoods!

mmMar 2nd

Airbnb used to be about letting someone use your couch or spare bedroom in your place, but now it's turned into hotel business. Neighbourhoods shouldn't be hotel districts! Revitalization should be community-centered and community-led. It's sad what happened to New Orleans. It'll be interesting to see if the new stricter policies reverses the trend.

jspinelleMar 3rd

Yeah, it’s a shame that corporations once again ruin things for individuals who are tying to improve their financial situations.

mmMar 3rd

@jspinelle It’s not just corporations though, it’s also individuals who are turning homes into short term speculative cashflow through Airbnb because it’s more favourable financially over long term rentals. It inflates housing costs, and removes long term rentals and affordable homes from communities.

jspinelleMar 3rd

Yes! Well put. They kind of make that point in the episode but not that clearly.

mmMar 3rd

@jspinelle Yea, the situation was presented very simply in the podcast.

dannyMar 5th

I'd love to know how other cities are tackling this. And the rent your spare room in your house seemed like a pretty good compromise.