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Episode 1: War Correspondents

27:51 | Jan 30th, 2019

5 recommendations
Drug users are the experts. We’ve survived. We know policy better than policy-makers. We know law better than lawmakers. We know pharmaceuticals better than pharmacists. We know nobody’s coming to sav...Show More


vanpodfest recommended:Nov 4th, 2019

This is an incredible, groundbreaking podcast made by drug users in Vancouver. Again, a podcast series you need to hear in its entirety, starting at Episode 1.

podcastplaylist recommended:Mar 5th

This podcast covers the drug war from a unique perspective — by using drug addicts as "war correspondents."

mm recommended:Jul 4th, 2019

Really well produced podcast series by drug users about the dire and urgent situation they’re facing.

acserranoJul 5th, 2019

@mm interesting will loaten

ellouis recommended:Mar 1st, 2019

In this podcast, a team of Vancouver drug users share their stories. It's eye-opening and deeply moving.

mmMar 3rd, 2019

@ellouis Thanks for echoing! Tagging @matresstester as FYI