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24:09 | Nov 16th, 2016

+4 echoes
New clients arrive. A customer asks for the bill. The airport signage needs a lot of work. A bird wakes up in the Everglades.Homecoming was created and written by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg; directed by Eli Horowitz; sound design, editing, and ...Show More

sarah βˆ™ Jun 28th, 2017

Amazing cast! So addicted!

dmurray βˆ™ Aug 1st, 2017

Just an overall great story and execution.

zoemcsmith βˆ™ Nov 6th, 2018


repeatRe-echoed by 47hoursofpodcaststolistento

mm βˆ™ May 28th

Audio drama about a case worker at an experimental facility for soldiers getting back int civil society. The drama at the end there really threw me off! Good hook. Now I want to know more!

mandy βˆ™ Jun 11th

Binged this whole Podcast in like 2 days...and have also watched the Prime series. Loved it so much, so addicting. What a fun and powerful way to use podcasts for fictional storytelling.

mm βˆ™ Jun 11th

@mandy You should chat about this podcast with @kimwaudio who also just binged on the podcast + Prime series!

kimwaudio βˆ™ Jun 25th

@mandy I also binged listened and watched! Both were great! I especially love Catherine Keener and David Schwimmer. I guess I’m partial to the podcast.