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The Skin-Gut Connection

41:20 | Feb 28th, 2019

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“People get used to sometimes feeling a certain way, and they don't know that they could feel better,” says naturopathic doctor and aesthetician Nigma Talib. “I think when people get the taste of what...Show More


aliceko recommended:Mar 2nd, 2019

Interesting to learn about sugar face, alcohol face, gluten face and milk face. I love podcasts that discuss healthy aging from an external and internal perspective. Please share recommendations!

mmMar 3rd, 2019

@aliceko Maybe @kimwaudio has recommendations?

kimwaudioMar 19th, 2019

Sorry for the delay, @aliceko. I love Ben Greenfield’s podcast and anything Ben Greenfield. I equally love Dave Asprey’s podcasts. Once again, I equally love Tim Ferris podcasts—he interviews all sorts of amazing leaders, influencers, experts, and storytellers and authors. I’ll add some links below....Show More

kimwaudioMar 19th, 2019

I also love anything that includes interviews with Dr. Axe of the brand Ancient Nutrition.

kimwaudioMar 19th, 2019

@aliceko, I already echoed one Ben Greenfield podcast, however, there are so many other great ones too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of them.

kimwaudioMar 19th, 2019

@aliceko Here is a Tim Ferriss podcast episode that covers this topic of gut health.

kimwaudioMar 19th, 2019

Here is a Dave Asprey podcast with one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and one of my favorite topics, intermittent fasting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’ll echo some of these as I listen. I put them on my “to listen” list as well. I listen to podc...Show More

alicekoMar 26th, 2019

@kimwaudio Thank you so much!!! Will put on to listen list :-)