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TED Radio Hour


52:58 | Mar 8th, 2019

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Original broadcast date: August 25, 2017. How much of who we are is biology? How much is learned? And how much can we change? This hour, TED speakers on how genes and experience collaborate — and comp...Show More


mm recommended:Nov 22nd, 2019

This episode is a reminder for me on why I love science because it helps us explain and understand ourselves and all the weird and wonderful that we come with as humans like the notion “free will”.

kimwaudio recommended:Nov 9th, 2019

This podcast explores how are genes and experiences shape who we are. I guess just because we are born a certain way (genes), doesn't always mean we will be a certain way. If you can believe it, our experiences play a large role as well. It's refreshing to know we can change our outcomes. You will really enjoy listening to these perspectives on this. "Hippy pacifist, egg heady" neuroscientist, Robert Supulski, shares his perspective on why we act in certain ways and if we have control over it. He says no. Listen to his explanation of why we don't have control over it. It's enlightening! Epigeneticist Moshe Szyf, who shares with us, "An experience can result in long term changes to the way genes are programmed." He shares that we can epigenetically intervene and reverse the "movie" of experiences by setting up a new narrative. He says this has a tremendous optimistic message for our ability to encounter some of the deadly diseases like cancer and mental health. Pediatrician, Nadine Burke Harris says childhood adversity is a risk factor for major health problems. She says adversity can rewire a child's brain and body. I'm happy to learn from her that the effects of trauma are reversible and she explains how she's helping her patients with this. Psychologist, Brian Little shares with us why we have the personalities we do. It's really fascinating!

mmNov 22nd, 2019

@kimwaudio Thanks so much for the notes Kim! Going to use these to jog my memory for PBC meetup soon 😄