The Pattern Problem

57:48 | Mar 30th, 2018

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Are we destined to repeat our patterns or do we generally stray in surprising directions? CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of sexual abuse....Show More

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dannyMar 30th, 2018

"You don't have to be defined by your past".

tgilbertpeFeb 23rd

This is a great look at how some see big data and the episode puts a human element into the discussion. I hope we do not come to reply on the supposedly predictive natured our past (I know I’ve done some stupid stuff and learned from the error).

epekilisJul 15th, 2018

Nature vs nurture: we are hardwired to seek human predictability through patterns but what if life is more random? Of particular interest to those of us in professional regulation who have to make decisions about “good character”. How to know?