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The Racist Sandwich Podcast

E67: Talking Toronto Food Justice (w/ Vanessa Ling Yu, Paul Taylor & Hywel Tuscano)

42:11 | Feb 6th, 2019

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In the final installment of our Toronto series, producer TK Matunda sits down with three community organizers to unpack Toronto's food justice scene. This episode, we hear from Vanessa Ling Yu, Direct...Show More


epekilis recommended:Feb 5th

I just discussed this episode with my 16 year old person of colour daughter. It sparked a fascinating discussion that was SO completely, totally not what I was expecting. She has applied to volunteer at the food bank this summer and had a very strong reaction to the analysis of food banks as solut...Show More

alicekoFeb 15th

@epekilis This episode was SO GOOD! I'm floored that your daughter had those thought-provoking things to say at such a young age. You must be so proud. I agree - there is room for a variety of perspectives and approaches when it comes to food banks and the ultimate goal: helping people get access to...Show More

epekilisFeb 16th

@aliceko Yeah she is one smart kid who is deceptively quiet most of the time. There is a LOT going on under that surface, and her BS meter is always ticking. I suspect most young people are thinking very profound things, but nobody expects them to so nobody asks them, or they may struggle with how...Show More

mm recommended:Apr 5th, 2019

I thought about @yskevinhuang when I was listening to this episode. Good points about how per diems for govt workers are $75 per day but people on welfare have only $7 for food left on their welfare cheques per month.