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Democracy Works

A playbook for organizing in turbulent times

39:23 | Mar 25th

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20 years ago, Srdja Popovic was part of a revolution — literally. He was a founding member of the Otpor! movement that ousted Serbia Slobodan Milsovic from power in 1999. It’s easy to characterize social movements as a bunch of people rallying in the...Show More

acserranoJun 12th

I know a podcast works when I buy the book right after!

jspinelleJun 13th

@acserrano Thanks for listening! So glad to hear you bought the book! If you liked the discussion with Srdja, I recommend listening to our episodes with Abdalaziz Alhamza and Joyce Ladner.

mmMar 25th

I really loved this episode! If you're an social movement organizer/activist, this is a must listen. Popovic knows his stuff and is a deep thinker. He puts activism into a well thought out framework that taps into fear, hope, humor, and ownership. Popovic discusses what the features are for movements that work vs. those that don't. @jspinelle - Probably one of my favourite episodes to date. As an organizer, I've been looking for something like this for awhile. And as always, you asked some terrific questions! The episode reminded me of the Direct Action book:

mmMar 25th

@yskevinhuang @ellouis @bctcheung @knothappening @ninjaccountant - This episode on movement building soooo good. Must must must listen.

mmMar 26th

@jspinelle Definitely going to read it. Thank you again for having him on the show!!!

mmJun 8th

@acserrano - This is one of my all-time faves on effective (and ineffective) movement organizing/activism.

acserranoJun 8th

@mm that’s so weird!! I was just searching for a good organizing podcast!!

mmJun 8th

@acserrano Great minds think alike :p The book Direct Action is also a terrific read on organizing:

acserranoJun 10th

@mm big fan of Jonathan Smucker’s Hegemony How To

jspinelleJun 16th

@acserrano Srdja’s book Blueprint for Revolution is great. We also had a great discussion about organizing on Democracy Works with civil rights activist Joyce Ladner and Syrian journalist Abdalaziz Alhamza.