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The Romanian Wave

26:59 | Mar 27th

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Romanians are the second largest foreign nationality in the UK. Why did they come and will they stay? One politician famously once said he "would not like to live next door to Romanians." But now they work in the health service, they teach in British...Show More

dannyJul 10th

People leaving their homes in search for a better life. Really personal interviews about how much they miss their home and how hard it is to be accepted abroad.

layneJul 10th

Enlightening to hear this as a US resident to gain a perspective on immigration from another country

epekilisJun 29th

Romania has lost a higher proportion of its working population than Syria - and it’s not at war. Living conditions in Romania make even Brexit-era England, complete with overt racism and below-minimum wage jobs, preferable to staying home. It’s a powerful moment to reflect on how difficult it has proven to establish a broader range of stable democracies where there is some sense of hope and improvement that will keep people at home. Also a powerful moment to reflect that western countries seem to share a need to rely on cheap, underpaid labour. It’s not just the US/Mexico. It’s everywhere.